Udaariyaan 26th April 2021 Written Update: Tejo regrets believing Jazz blindly

Udaariyaan 26th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Tejo gaining consciousness and her entire family is feeling bad for her. She gets up and sits on the bed with much difficulty. She called the past events and said how can I be so careless and fail to recognise him. All are feeling extremely bad for her. She recalled how everybody always pointed out something wrong about him but she ignored it. She says while going in the car his mom asked me to take off my jewelry and without saying a single word I also did it. She recalled that during the engagement her aunty says that the ring is looking old and fake but she didn’t even pay attention to that. She takes out her engagement ring and scratches it on the chair and after 2-3 scratches the golden color comes off and the ring indeed looks fake. She says how can I be so stupid that I simply went with the flow and direct comes under his words and influence. She recalls his words about marriage and relationships and how he used to speak all those good talks in front of her just to be in her good books.

Tejo asks everyone in the family to leave the room as she needs some space for herself. One by one everyone leaves the room and then Tejo notices Fateh who is standing just beside her and she recalled how she told him once that she is very happy about her marriage and feels she is extremely lucky to get a partner like Jazz in life. Fateh also leaves the room and Tejo is crying and screaming in pain that such a blunder happened to her because of her lack of care and casualty. On the other hand, Jasmine is crying standing on the terrace. Fateh comes to meet her when she says that all these are happening because of me as I am the one who was so much excited about Canada. Fateh says to her that whatever happened is just the bad luck of Tejo and it has nothing to do with you since you couldn’t have done anything in this. She says he took away everything from us starting from jewelry, money and the papers of our lands. Tejo doesn’t even know that all of the family members have contributed something or other to bear the expenses of her marriage.

Tejo’s father is leaving the house and says that I cannot see my daughter in so much pain and all these are happening because of you and your expectations. He says to her mother your dream and aspirations of going abroad brought such a bad day in my daughter’s life. You always wanted to send her to Canada so now you have got your goal accomplished? Tejo comes out and asks her mother if there is no food cooked today or no one left anything for me to eat. She says that I am hungry and the entire family says that today we will make your favourite food items. Fateh comes back to his house and tells the family members about the incident with Tejo. Father says that we should learn from others’ mistakes and I hope now the madness of going out of the country will go away from your head. Later on, Tejo’s family members get to know that Jazz is a wanted criminal and he has done such things to many people in the past as well and police is also unable to trace her out.

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