Udaariyaan 26th January 2022 Written Update: Tejo learns Jasmine’s plan

Udaariyaan 26th January 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Gurpreet coming home and stopping Fateh. She asks Fateh where he is going. Fateh lies that he is going to meet the lawyer. Gurpreet says that she knows where he’s going and what he’s going to do. She says that even Kushbeer is aware of that. She scolds Kushbeer for supporting Fateh’s decision. Simran asks Fateh where he is going. She says that she also had doubt with the way Fateh is speaking. She asks if Gurpreet is saying the truth. Gurpreet says that she won’t let him go anywhere. Dadaji asks what Fateh is going to do. Gurpreet says that Fateh is going to take Amrik’s blame on himself so that Amrik gets saved and he doesn’t marry Jasmine shocking all. Fateh says that he doesn’t have any other way. Gurpreet says that she won’t let him do this sacrifice. Gurpreet says that she won’t let him go out of the house. She takes him to lock him in, but Kushbeer says that he will save Fateh from severe punishment by proving it’s just an accident. Gurpreet says that she doesn’t approve it. Kushbeer asks if she wants Fateh to marry Jasmine, it would be better if he gets jailed instead.

Rupy comes to Jasmine. The latter mocks him saying that he didn’t bring police with him. She says that even Fateh, Tejo came to meet her shocking Rupy. She assures him that Tejo is fine. She taunts him saying that he remembered that he has another daughter. Rupy says that he hates himself for that fact. Other side, Angad tells Tejo that he’s also responsible for Fateh’s situation, he has joined hands with Jasmine out of his madness for Tejo. Tejo looks shocked and asks how he can join hands with Riya’s kidnapper. She refuses to hear anything further from him. Angad begs Tejo to hear him. Here Gurpreet says that she’s aware that if Jasmine comes to their house, she will punish all of them, but at least Fateh will be in front of her and she can take care of him.

Nimmo and Simran agree with Gurpreet. Simran, Mayi and Dadi request Fateh to change his decision. Fateh wishes that Tejo could be here, she would have convinced his family. He wonders what to do now. Fateh says that he has to bear the punishment for his mistake and not his family. Gurpreet asks Fateh to marry Jasmine and bear his punishment in front of them. Rupy says to Jasmine that he will realize her dream to go to Canada. He will sell all his property and made all arrangements to go to Canada. He will give her lot of money so that she can lead her life on her terms and Canada. He requests Jasmine to spare Fateh’s family. Jasmine says that even told her the same. Angad says to Tejo that she helped Jasmine in a crime as she promised him that he will get Tejo in return. She assured him that her plan is harmless and will make Fateh from Tejo. He says that the accident was fake.

Jasmine wanted to keep someone in the jail for a night and he didn’t know that someone was Amrik. He helped Jasmine in police investigation. Tejo looks shocked. Nimmo says that their family’s reputation and Fateh’s career will be ruined after getting jailed. Biji says that Nimmo is right. Fateh says that they don’t understand now, but will understand and future. He says that he has to leave now. He begins to leave. Gurpreet locks herself in and threatens to kill herself. Angad apologizes to Tejo for his misdeed and begs Tejo to save him from his madness and promises to not harm anyone. Tejo says that thankfully she learned the truth in time, she understood Jasmine’s plan to marry Fateh using Amrik. She says that Jasmine’s game is over now.

Jasmine’s rejects Rupy’s offer saying that she only wants revenge from Fateh for what he has done with her. She says that she is punishing him for that and returning him the same. She says that that Burks have to pay for belittling her in front of Tejo. Tejo tries to contact Fateh and Burks, but they’re not answering her calls. She prays God to stop Fateh from going to the police station. Tejo drives off her bike. Fateh agrees to not go to the police station. Gurpreet opens the door. She asks him to promise. Fateh obliges. Gurpreet hugs him. Kushbeer prays to God to show a way now.

Jasmine receives Fateh’s call. She puts the call on the speaker. Fateh says that he’s ready to accept her conditions, he’s ready to accept their house’s daughter in law. He asks her to come home to talk. Jasmine gets overjoyed and asks Rupy to make arrangements with Tejo . She says that she will make them all dance in her tune. She says that she will give Tejo an unforgettable gift.

Tejo’s bike breaks down, so she runs to reach the Virk’s house. Fateh apologizes to Simran that he couldn’t arrange her wedding. Simran asks why he is marrying Jasmine when he loves Tejo. Fateh says that he’s doing this for their family’s sake. Simran asks Fateh to rethink his decision. Fateh says that his responsibility is to save Amrik, he can’t let his life get ruined. Amrik overhears Fateh and Simran’s talk and feels bad.

Jasmine comes to the Virks with music band. Fateh wonders what drama would Jasmine create this time. Jasmine dances and celebrates while the Virks look on angrily at Jasmine. Tejo is shown coming running.

The episode ends.

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