Udaariyaan 26th July 2021 Written Update: Jasmine decides to run away from her engagement

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The episode starts with Jasmine looks outside from her window seeing people are chanting mantras and going to temple. Fateh thinks about Jasmine’s words and gets restless. Jasmine washes her face and goes outside. Fateh goes out and then speeds up his walk then runs fast. Tejo wakes up and wonders why Fateh went to jogging this early to find him she calls his number but finds his mobile is in the room so she goes outside to search for Fateh. Jasmine accompany the people who is chanting mantras then she stops Fateh who gets shocked seeing her then removes her hand from him.

Jasmine says to Fateh that she can’t able to sleep just like him and tells him even God wants both of them together and it’s the sign. She then asks Fateh why he is punishing her for the mistake though she now realised and want to make everything right. Fateh tries to leave but Jasmine stops him and asks is he going turn his face away from her. Fateh gets angry and tells it’s her who turned her face away from him to which Jasmine twlls that she realised her mistake and she cant live without him then hugs Fateh and pleads him to take her away from everyone and cries. Tejo comes outside and searches for Fateh. Fateh takes his hand to hug back Jasmine but the he sees Tejo and gets shocked. Tejo asks Fateh is everything okay why he woke up this early. Fateh tells that he woke up early and then asks Tejo to go to the house saying he will do one more round of jogging and come to the house. Tejo leaves the place. Fateh looks back at Jasmine who also turns and looks at him.

In the morning Sandhu’s prepare for Jasmine’s engagement. Saurabh asks Satti that Jasmine will not create more problems right to which Satti tells that Jasmine agreed to all of this so asks her not to worry. Jasmine gets ready her friend praises her beauty but Jasmine gets angry and tells that she dont want to do this engagement she is waiting for Fateh to come. Gippi comes with his family. Satti welcomes them. Gippi asks Abhiraj where is Jasmine to which Abhiraj asjs Gippi to have patience. Sweety asks Jasmine if she dont want to marry Gippi then why she agreed for this Jasmine tells that the one who hurried everything will pay for this not her.

Sweety asks Jasmine is Fateh promised her anything, Jasmine tells no but she has a feeling Fateh will come to her engagement. Satti gets worried about Tejo is not reached the house yet then Tejo comes there with her in laws. Rupi and Satti shows their gratitude for coming to the engagement of Jasmine. Jasmine comes downstairs running when she hears Dilraj tells that Tejo is here. Tejo goes to Gippi and gifts him then tells that everything happened so fast so Fateh cant able to attend the engagement but he will surely takes part in their marriage. Then she tells Gippi that she will bring Jasmine. Tejo then praises Jasmine for being so Pretty then takes her to the stage where Gippi is waiting for her already.

Veer’s gets reminded about Jasmine’s insult so they makes an excuse and leaves the place. Gippi tells Jasmine about their honeymoon plan and asks her to give him her passport. Jasmine thinks about the passport she burnt then she tores her dupatta and makes an excuse and leaves the place. Saurabh warns Satti abour Jasmine’s odd behaviour but Satti doesn’t listen to her. Jasmine packs her things and gets ready to run away also asks Sweety to stop her family members from coming to her room. Rupi tells Saurabh even now he is worried that Jasmine may do something.

Tejo and everyone starts dancing then Tejo goes and asks Jasmine to come downstairs. Jasmine tells she will be there in two minutes. Tejo misses Fateh so Abhiraj makes fun of her. Jasmine puts her leg on the window to jump but gets happy when she hears Fateh’s voice. Fateh’s arrival surprises Tejo too. Rupi knocks Jasmine’s door and asks her to open. Jasmine comes outside and tells that she is ready and goes downstairs happily. Fateh dances with everyone then he and Jasmine looks at each other and tries to hide their smiles. Saurabh notices everything. Jasmine then holds Fateh’s hand and then signs him whi makes excuse to Tejo and follows Jasmine. Saurabh gets stuck in between everyone and then decides to find Fateh and Jasmine. Everyone dances happily without noticing Fateh and Jasmine’s absence. Fateh goes to meet Jasmine who tells him that she planned to run away or do something to herself because she cant live without him. Fateh tells Jasmine that he still loves her and tells finally her trust for him won. Then they both hugs Eachother and cries.

Precap: Fateh tells Jasmine it’s too late she is going to get married and today is her engagement. Jasmine cuts her fingers and with a blood filled hand she falls to the ground unconsciously infront of everyone. Tejo and everyone gets shocked. Gippi takes Jasmine in his arms but Fateh comes there and takes Jasmine in his arms to take her to the hospital. Gippi and Tejo gets shocked.

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