Udaariyaan 26th November 2023 Written Update: Armaan takes blame of Kabir’s death on himself

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The episode starts with Aasmaa telling Armaan that they do not have much time together. She hugs him and thinks she is apologetic for taking a big decision without informing him. Armaan tells Aasmaa that they will live life to fullest and he will not let anything happen to her. Aasmaa says all moments she spent with him are most beautiful moments of her life and she could not have got any better person than him. She says no matter what happened in past or will happen in future, she will always love him very much. Armaan tells he wants to take seven vows again and prove to her that he belongs to her only and loves her a lot.


Armaan takes some wood and ignites fire. Jordan thinks they are so mad in love. Alia looks on with jealousy and hurt as Armaan takes seven rounds around fire holding Aasmaa’s hand giving her vows again. He says how he would always keep loving and trusting her. Aasmaa also promises to shield all the problems approaching him and she would never let his self respect go down. Jordan tells Alia he can understand her pain as same happened with him too as he saw his love going away.

Armaan fills Aasmaa’s hairline with his blood. Police reaches there and Armaan tries to run with Aasmaa but she says she has herself called them. Ekam tells Aasmaa that she is under arrest. She assures him that she will come back safe as she did not do anything. Alia thinks in some way atleast Aasmaa is going away from Armaan’s life. Aasmaa tells Ekam that Jordan is one trapping them. She says she doesn’t have proof but she feels he is involved in Kabir’s murder. Police tells that Ekam has fled away.

Aasmaa gets arrested and is being taken to jail. When Armaan stops them and says that he is one who has killed Kabir. He takes blame on himself. Alia also tells that Armaan has not done anything and is taking blame only for Aasmaa’s safety. Ekam scolds them for misguiding police. Armaan tells them to come to Kabir’s house and he will show the proof of him being the murderer. Armaan says when he found about Kabir being Aasmaa’s stalker he went to his house to confront him. He says that when Kabir kept arguing with him ,he could not control his anger.

Armaan says he had beat up Kabir and asked him to apologise to Aasmaa. Kabir picked up a knife to attack Armaan but while fighting he himself got stabbed. Aasmaa tells Armaan to stop lying. But he keeps saying that this is truth. Armaan’s parents feel shocked hearing his words. Armaan says Ekam that his kada and dagger are proofs of him crime and even gives Kabir’s watch which was with him. The episode ends with Ekam arresting Armaan.


Armaan will say Aasmaa since they do not have any proof of them being innocence so he should suffer instead. Aasmaa will tell that she will bring proof of his innocence within 24 hours.

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