Udaariyaan 27th April 2021 Written Update: Tejo is feeling shattered

Udaariyaan 27th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with some truth of transgender directly comes inside the house to congratulation the newly wedded girl of the house and to take their celebration money. The family members of the age old tried to to come down on those people and avoid them but they started dancing around Tejo and also dragged her in the middle of their celebration and Teju is feeling extremely disappointed and stressed with the entire thing.

All the family members are trying to see the state of her well they do is to say anything since she was so disappointed with everything that happened. Fateh had a showdown in his house with his father regarding his visit to Canada. On the other hand, Tejo breaks down after the troop of those transgender go away from her house and she goes inside the house without saying anything and the family gets upset to see their daughter in such a bad state. Tejo didn’t even take lunch and locked herself in her room. Fateh comes to meet Jasmine and he gets to know everything that happened in the house and he feels extremely bad for Tejo. Jasmine is also sad for her sister and blames herself for everything that happened to her. Fateh finds out an idea to make Tejo feel good about herself.

They went to Tejo and convinced her to come out of the house with them so that she can have some changes and also for some time she can be diverted from that incident. The other hand is not ready to go out for some reason and she is feeling uncomfortable with encountering people. However manages to make her agree and She and Jasmine and Fateh go for a small outing. The moment Tejo comes out of the house she is facing weird looks and suppressed comments passed on about her and her failed marriage. She is unable to avoid the odd looks of people and as a result feels embarrassed about the entire thing. She says to Jasmine that she wants to go back to home but they are not ready to go back this soon but it sure doesn’t listen to them and directly sits in the scooty so that she can run it herself and go.

Fateh comes and takes off the keys and says I will let you run the bike only if you agree to have a cup of coffee with us in that cafeteria. Tejo says what do you think? I cannot go home by walking and she starts to work with full force without paying attention to Jasmine. After some steps she finally breaks down on the road and starts to cry and shouts in pain. Fateh and Jass come and sit beside her. Forte is hesitating to console Tejo but she unknowingly rests her head on his shoulder.

All of them are crying holding each other due to the mishap that happened. Teju faces sharp comments in the cafeteria when she witnesses the same ladies who are also present there who are with her on the bus that day. They taujtd her and made fun of her because of that incident and said that when people who are too obsessed to leave the country, especially Canada, then they have to face such consequences. Fateh tries to stop them but Tejo misunderstands him and says I thought you are a good guy but once again I failed to recognise a person.

Precap – Tejo gets to know about the land being sold as a gift to Jazz due to her marriage and she gets upset with her family members.

Episode Ends

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