Udaariyaan 27th January 2022 Written Update: Jasmine turns the table

Udaariyaan 27th January 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasmine celebrating at Virk’s house. Kushbeer wants to stop her, but Dadaji stops him. Jasmine asks the men to put the couch in the hall. She says that the house should look like a wedding house. Tejo falls in the mud. She gets up and continues to run. Jasmine says that she has another surprise and calls in the neighborhood people. They question Virks if Fateh is getting married again and says that the whole pind is talking about it. Nimmo taunts them and asks them to get out. Jasmine asks Nimmo to relax and introduces everyone in the Virks family mocking them. She finally introduces Fateh as her future husband. Tejo’s shoes get damaged.

Tejo runs barefoot. Jasmine makes Fateh sit on the couch. She puts garland around Fateh’s neck and places the sehra on his head. Fateh throws it away. He asks Jasmine what all this drama is. He makes the people out. Fateh taunts Jasmine asking to sit after all she wants to become Virk’s daughter in law. Tejo arrives at Virks and wonders why Fateh didn’t went to the police and why he agreed to Jasmine’s conditions. Jasmine notices Tejo. Fateh and others also see Tejo.

Jasmine welcomes Tejo in by taunting. She drags Tejo ik. Fateh notices that Tejo’s foot is bleeding and gets worried. Jasmine taunts the Virks saying that they need to change their family photo as she’s going to be their daughter in law. She asks Fateh and Tejo to stop talking through their eyes and to speak openly. Jasmine mocks them. She says that she has an put an end to Fateh-Tejo’s love story as the Virks agreed to her conditions. Tejo shuts Jasmine’s mouth. She tells the family that no one need to go to the jail as accident didn’t happen and no one died. It’s Jasmine’s plan to trap Amrik. It’s all a lie. Tejo says to Jasmine that her game is over. All looks shocked. Amrik comes to Tejo and asks if she’s saying the truth. Fateh says that he said that something is fishy. Amrik and Fateh ask Tejo if she has any proof for that. Angad arrives there and says that he is that proof. Jasmine looks shocked.

Angad says that the accident is fake and no one died. It’s Jasmine’s plan. Tejo asks Jasmine to speak up. Tejo says to Fateh to go to the police station and gets confirmation. She says that there won’t be any data as accident didn’t happen. Jasmine blackmails Angad asking what he will tell to the police if they ask him how he knows this. Angad says that he will confess that he joined hands with her. Angad says that he was scared that Fateh will hurt Tejo, so he helped Jasmine in her fake accident plan, but he didn’t know that she wanted to trap Amrik. Jasmine shocks all revealing that it’s real accident. Angad says that she’s talking nonsense.

Jasmine says that she saw the man lying in the pool of flood and even Amrik saw this. Jasmine taunts Tejo that she has come here believing Angad’s words. Jasmine adds that the court ask evidence and shows a video recording in which Amrik is shown hitting someone in car then running away the victim in the pool of blood. Jasmine asks who the court will believe Angad or her evidence. Amrik cries saying that he doesn’t want to go to the jail. Fateh asks Jasmine to stop her drama. Tejo says to Amrik to not scared of Jasmine as no ons knows if the accident victim is alive or not. Jasmine shows the death certificate of the victim. She asks them to go to the police and question. Gurpreet says that no one will go to the police station as she doesn’t want to lose any of her sons.

Jasmine asks Angad to get out. Angad says that he won’t spare her for betraying him. Angad apologizes to the Virks and leaves. Jasmine laughs at Tejo and asks her to move on in her life. She says that she will take good care of Virks that they won’t take her name anymore. Jasmine asks Fateh to fulfill at least her dream of becoming Virks’ daughter in law. She keeps taunting Tejo asking her to leave. Fateh reminds Jasmine that this house is still theirs, so they will decide who will come and not. Fateh offers to drop Tejo at home. Jasmine says to Fateh that he can’t do all this after their marriage.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh holds Tejo’s hand and says that they should utilize the less time they have to spend together. Jasmine tells to the Virks that she will live in the half part of the house and asks to make the property papers soon.

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