Udaariyaan 27th January 2024 Written Update: Armaan saves Murtazim’s life.

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Episode starts with, Armaan feeling immense happiness seeing Aasman getting off Murtazim’s car. Aasman suddenly stops since she could sense her loved one nearby. As Armaan almost tries to enter the campus, his friend stops him and asks him to keep calm and not hurry. He tells about Noor and Murtazim’s marriage. Armaan asks how this can happen.


Aasmaan keeps a knife at Suhana’s neck and threatens her. She asks although knowing everything about her, why is she letting all this happen. She tells Suhana that she doesn’t remember anything of her own family but she knows very well that there’s someone of her own and she loves someone else. She begs her to give her back her identity . She asks her not to destroy her brother’s life since she doesn’t love her.Aasman begs for Suhana’s help.

Armaan sees Murtazim driving to some place and runs behind his car to tell him about Aasman and that he is mistaking Aasman for Noor. Murtazim reaches a place where he confronts the opposition party members who start beating him brutally. Shehnaz comes to Suhana’s room and asks what they are talking about. She takes away Aasman for her mehendi and makes it clear that anyone who would try to create hindrance in his way, she would kill that person. Armaan saves Murtazim from getting killed. He understands that if Murtazim and his family gets to know about him and Aasman it might be dangerous for both so he decides to remain silent.

Murtazim thanks Armaan. He invites Armaan to his place. His friend warns him to be careful at his place. Aasman hurts her own hands on purpose. Noor says she can’t apply mehendi on her hands and shows the wound from where blood oozes out. Shehnaz holds her hand with great pressure and hurts her. She says that if Murtazim can give his life for her, he can even take it from her. She asks his aide to put mehendi on her hands. They put mehndi on her wounded hand that bleeds badly.

As Armaan reaches the venue with Murtazim, Aasman has the same feeling of her loved one near her. Armaan wonders why Aasmaan is living here with the name Noor. Murtazim enters the house and dances in joy to the beats of the dhol. She struggles to see Armaan but she only sees his backside and wonders if this is the same person she is looking for.

Precap: Shenaz forces Noor to get married to Murtazim.

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