Udaariyaan 27th March 2024 Written Update: A woman comes to Armaan’s place claiming to be Meher’s mother.

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Episode starts with, Raja and his daughter Khushi coming back to see Alia. They all meet Aasman. She takes Khushi to Alia who asks her to wake up. Raja and others are seen bringing Alia back to Armaan’s place. Armaan asks Aasman if she won’t come inside. Meher calls Aasman inside and as they go inside, the kids shower flowers on them. Aasmaan tries to tell Armaan about Haniya’s truth but suddenly a music plays and everyone gathers at the hall where some jokers are seen playing with balloons.
They wonder who has done this arrangement. A woman comes in and says she has done this. She says this is all done for Meher.

Armaan asks the woman who she is and asks how she knows Meher. The woman says she is Meher’s mother. Meher runs to Aasman. Armaan says that he doesn’t know her and he is her father and has been living with him for the past five years. The woman says he is very honest and he got Meher floating in the water alone. The woman says that she has given birth to Meher and has brought all the proof. She shows a doctor’s certificate and medical report.

She says that after her delivery, she was informed by her parents that she gave birth to a dead child. That time she was forced to believe this. Armaan says that maybe she is right and he feels sorry for her but Meher is only his daughter and no one can take away Meher from him. He brings a cheque book and says she can take as much money as she wants but he can’t let anyone take away Meher. The woman continues her drama. She says she is giving them forty eight hours to return to Meher or else she won’t take much time to consult a professional lawyer and take her back.

Aasman comes to meet the woman secretly. She says she wants to know more about her. She requests the woman to give Armaan’s daughter a little more time. The woman plays a victim card and emotionally blackmails her. Aasman still requests her to lend the family a little more time. Meher cries in fear so Armaan tries to console her. She brings fevicol and says she would keep their hands stuck with it so that no one is able to separate them.

At night, Armaan comes to Aasman’s place to hide Meher. On the other side, the woman claiming to be Meher’s mother reaches Armaan’s room with police to check on him. Aasman tells Armaan that this is a crime in the eyes of law so he must not do this. He says he doesn’t care about the law and won’t let anyone take away Meher. Ekam informs Armaan that the entire Moga knows about Armaan hiding somewhere with Meher. It has also been circulated in the news. Armaan tries to run away from Aasman’s place. Aasman follows him. At a particular point Armaan falls down and Meher bruises her hand. Aasman asks him not to do this. Armaan says he would keep on running all long as he is alive. As he gets up, the police encircle them and try to snatch away Meher. Episode ends.

Precap : Aasman suggests Armaan to hire a good lawyer.

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