Udaariyaan 27th November 2023 Written Update: Aasmaa vows to bring proof of Armaan’s innocence

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The episode starts with Ekam taking Armaan to jail and Aasmaa as well as his mother begs him to accept that it’s also false. But Armaan insists on same and asks his father to take care or Aasmaa in his absence. Aasmaa keeps saying that Armaan has not done anything but he goes to police station with Ekam. Aasmaa sits and cries helplessly. Armaan’s family get pain stricken knowing about his arrest. Raja even falls unconscious thinking of his brother and gets panic attack. Armaan’s parents rush to hospital for Raja.


Aasmaa thinks of Armaan’s confession of killing Kabir. She also recalls his vows and promise never to leave her alone. Armaan sits in jail and thinks of Aasmaa’s words. Ekam permits Aasmaa to meet Armaan in prison. They hug each other and Aasmaa questions him why he lied to her and tells him to confess the truth. Armaan apologises and says that he should have told truth to her from the beginning but Aasmaa denies to accept his claim. Aasmaa says she is well aware that Armaan’s watch he showed fell during shifting of corpse. She says even kada he talked about was placed by himself.

Aasmaa tells Armaan to atleast tell the truth. He says that only truth he knows is he will not leg anything happen to her and since they do not have any proof of her innocence so he took blame on himself so that she does not have to get punished. Aasmaa says that she will bring the proof as she has promised to tackle any difficulties coming his way. She promises to take him out of prison anyhow. Aasmaa assures Armaan that she will never back out from taking care of him. She tells within 24 hours she will prove him innocent before hearing in the court.

Alia drives her car rashly thinking of Armaan and Aasmaa’s relationship. Aasmaa tells Armaan’s parents that he is innocent and has not done anything. Alia confronts Jordan and questions him why did Armaan go to jail, they had planned to send Aasmaa to jail. Jordan says their plan was getting successful but Armaan himself wants to come in between. She gets hyper and says she wants Armaan. Jordan holds Alia and tells they will lay down proof against Aasmaa at Kabir’s house and get her arrested.

Raja comes and asks Aasmaa where Armaan is as he cannot kill anyone. Aasmaa tells everyone not to cry and she will bring Armaan back home. Jordan tells Alia that if she wants to save Armaan, she should meet him at evening with proof against Aasmaa. Aasmaa says that one who has done the crime will definitely get punished. Alia picks up some of accessories and watch from Aasmaa’s room and hides when Aasmaa enters there. The episode ends with Aasmaa getting call from someone and she leaves to meet the person. Alia thinks she has to trap Aasmaa anyhow.


Aasmaa will tell Jordan if he cares for life, he will confess the truth. Jordan will be kept tied and red chilli powder will be about to be thrown at him. Jordan will say that he will tell the truth.

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