Udaariyaan 27th October 2021 Written Update: Tejo arrives with police to save Fateh

Udaariyaan 27th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasmine saying that she should go out along with Fateh and spy on him. She doesn’t find Fateh on his bed and goes to check in the lawn and wonders where he has gone in the early morning. Just then she receives Jass message. She gets shocked on seeing Jass photo with tied up Fateh.

She phones Jass and scolds him for double crossing her. Jass says that she gave him idea to run away, so he’s making arrangements to run away to Canada with money. He asks her to bring 75 lakhs. Jasmine asks from where she will get such big amount and asks him to wait till she marries Fateh. Jass threatens to reveal the truth to Tejo.

Jasmine agrees to bring money and asks to not harm Fateh till that. Jass says to bring money and take Fateh with her. Jasmine wonders how she will get such big amount and worries about Fateh. She turns to leave and finds Kushbeer in front of her. Kushbeer asks with whom she’s talking. He asks if she was talking with Tejo as he heard her saying Jass. He asks if she’s fine. Jasmine lies that she was talking with Tejo and she’s fine. She makes excuses of going to the academy and leaves.

Jasmine is in the academy, checking the accounts in order to find a way to get 75 lakhs. Jasmine says that she needs Reno’s sign to get money. Jass phones Jasmine and threatens to kill Fateh if she doesn’t get him money in five hours. He then asks to go to Tejo and find anyhow what clue Fateh got against him. Jasmine agrees without any option. She laments that she has to involve Tejo in all this.

Jasmine enters in by breaking the lock. Sandhu’s women are ready to attack, but they stop seeing Jasmine. Jasmine asks who locked the door and where Rupy, Abhiraj and others are. Biji asks why she has come after leaving behind everything. Jasmine says that she wants to meet Tejo, but Satti stops her. Tejo comes out. Jasmine goes to Tejo saying that she wants to talk about Fateh.

Tejo gets shocked Fateh’s photo with Jass. She realises that’s why Jass hasn’t come home last night. Jasmine acts as she doesn’t Jass stays there. Tejo adds that Fateh got a clue against Jass and therefore Jass kidnapped Fateh and wonders how Jass got to know this, if he is spying on them. Jasmine says that thru should think how to save Fateh. She says that Jass asked for 75 lakhs and requests Tejo to help her. Tejo asks why Jass sent her to her, why he didn’t contact Kushbeer for money. Jasmine says that she doesn’t what’s running in Jass mind.

She hasn’t said anything to Kushbeer as he’s unwell already. Tejo decides to hide from Kushbeer and moreover he doesn’t such big amount. Jasmine asks what she will do then to save Fateh. Tejo says that she will complete the work Fateh has to do. Jasmine asks what she will Tejo. Tejo is about to say, but stops and says that Jasmine need not to know and asks her to go back home and to not complicate the matter. Jasmine thinks of saving Fateh by herself before Tejo can do anything else Jass will expose her. Tejo prays to God to save Fateh.

Fateh tries to break the chain tied up around his wrist, but he’s unable. Jasmine puts copy Tejo’s sign in the cheque and phones Jass to know where she has to come. Tejo is on the way in car. She’s talking to someone over bluetooth and asks it’s the correct address. Jasmine says to Jass that she brought him in this game to help her not to trouble her. Jass says that Jasmine isn’t trustworthy. Jasmine gives the cheque to Jass and asks to release Fateh. Meanwhile Fateh releases himself.

Jass says that he wants cash and asks Jasmine to call Tejo and asks to bring her money. Jasmine refuses. Jass threatens her. He stops her and says that Tejo’s phone is with him and gives Jasmine the number from which Tejo called Fateh yesterday. Jasmine obeys. Tejo receives the call. Jass snatches the phone from Jasmine and asks Tejo to come to the address that he will give with 75 lakhs and don’t act smart like Jasmine. Tejo is shocked learning Jasmine is with Jass. Jass threatens to kill Jasmine and Fateh if she goes to police. Tejo agrees to come.

Jass drags Jasmine inside and sees Fateh isn’t there. He calls put Fateh. Fateh hits Jass from behind. Jass aims the gun at Fateh and asks him to not act smart. He holds Jasmine at gun point. Fateh says that his enmity is with him. He asks Jass to leave Jasmine and kill him. Jass asks if he knows Jasmine’s truth. Fateh asks what he means. Jasmine asks Fateh to not trust Jass’ words. He is a liar. Jass says to Fateh that he’s wondering who informed him that he got clue against him. Before Jass can take Jasmine’s name, Jasmine throws the gun away and runs. Fateh starts beating Jass.

Jasmine searches Jass’ gun. Jass falls down and takes the gun. He points the gun at Fateh. Jasmine hides on seeing this. Jass says that Fateh will die. They hear police siren sound. Tejo comes there with police. Police arrests Jass. Jass acts and says that Tejo is his wife and Fateh is her lover and he beat him up. Tejo slaps Jass and asks if she is his wife then who she is. A girl arrives there shocking Jass.

The episode ends.

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