Udaariyaan 27th October 2022 Written Update: Shamsher sends his goons to kill Ekam and Nehmat

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The episode starts with Nikhil scolding his friends who had misbehaved with Naaz. He chases them from there. Nikhil hugs Naaz. He says that he loves her. Naaz says that she also loves him. Nikhil drives off. Naaz smirks and recalls how she showed Nehmat and Ekam’s photos to Nikhil’s friends to attack them. Nehmat hugs Ekam crying. Then Nehmat thanks Naaz for saving her and Ekam. She promises Naaz to do any favor that she will ask her. 

Later, Nehmat asks Naaz about Nikhil. Naaz says that Nikhil wanted to introduce her to his family. Nehmat asks Naaz about Nikhil’s family. Naaz lies that she doesn’t know about his family. She says that she only knows that he studied in London. Nehmat asks Naaz to meet Nikhil’s family to know if he is telling the truth about himself. Nehmat asks Naaz to invite Nikhil to the Diwali party. 

Ekam and Nehmat decide to buy a Diwali gift  for each other by going alone. At the jewellery shop, Nehmat buys a gift for Ekam. She doesn’t have enough money to pay. She decides to withdraw money from the ATM. Just then Advait comes there. He helps her by giving her money. Advait says that Nehmat must have bought the gift for someone special. He drives off saying that he has some work. Nehmat thinks that Advait comes to help her whenever she’s in trouble. On the other hand, Shamsher says to his goon that Ekam will definitely attend the Sandhus’ Diwali party. He instructs his men to kidnap Nehmat and Ekam in that party without letting anyone knows. 

At Randawa’s house, Ekam and Mallika perform the puja. Jayveer feels bad recalling Ekam’s words. Ekam hugs Jayveer and wishes him a happy Diwali. On the other hand, Nehmat is waiting for Ekam on the terrace. Shamsher’s goons reach there and wait for Ekam’s arrival. Ekam arrives. Nehmat is happy to see Ekam. They send flying kisses to each other. Ekam goes in. Shamsher’s goon phones the latter and informs him that Ekam has arrived. Shamsher asks the goon to end Ekam and Nehmat’s chapter and asks to make sure that his name doesn’t get involved in this. Ekam and Nehmat meet on the terrace. Ekam gifts Nehmat kamarband. Nehmat gifts Ekam a bracelet. As they’re talking, they notice Malllika has arrived there along with Advait. Ekam is shocked to learn that Mallika is dating Advait. He gets worried about Mallika as Advait is a politician. Nehmat assures Ekam that Advait is a good guy. 

Mallika meets the Sandhus and introduces Advait to them. Mallika then introduces Advait to Ekam. The latter says that he knows him. Mallika and Nehmat go aside to talk. Ekam behaves coldly with Advait. The latter asks if Ekam has any problem with politicians. Ekam says not with all politicians. He says that there are good politicians like Nehmat’s grandfather, Kushbeer. He says that the Virks’ died maybe because of his honesty. Ekam accuses Advait’s family of doing illegal activities to become rich overnight. Advait accuses Jayveer of doing something illegal to get suspended. 

Shamsher sees a video of Advait being at the Sandhus party and shouts. Yet, he orders his men to kill Ekam and Nehmat. Naaz sends Advait to the terrace by lying Mallika has called him there. Advait bumps into Nehmat on his way. Nehmat asks where he is going. He says to Nehmat that Mallika called him to the terrace. Naaz phones a boy and asks to send Mallika to the terrace. Nehmat returns Advait the money he gave her in the jewellery shop. Meanwhile, the boy says to Mallika that Advait called her to the terrace. Ekam is looking for Nehmat. Nehmat’s duppata gets stuck on Advait’s watch. Nehmat and Advait try to remove it. Naaz clicks their photo. She thinks that it would be great if both Mallika and Ekam witnessed this. Mallika and Ekam are climbing the steps to come to the terrace. 

The episode ends. 

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