Udaariyaan 28th March 2024 Written Update: Meher gets into trouble.

Udaariyaan 28th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with, the police surrounding Armaan and Meher from all sides. The lady claiming to be Meher’s mother snatches away Meher from them. Meher screams and calls her father but no one listens. Aasman takes out Armaan on bail. She requests Armaan to go back home and consult the lawyer since only he can fix things.

Armaan says that there’s no reason for him to stay in this house and he can’t live without Meher. Suddenly Meher comes running to him and hugs him. The police come in and say that they understand his emotions regarding Meher but it is also true that her mother wants to keep her with her. The police say that they would have to keep an eye on him. She gives an ultimatum of one day to Armaan to spend as much time with her as possible after which she will take her away. Aasman tells the woman that she gave the proof of her being Meher’s mother but when last night she said that Meher had hurt her hand, there was no strain of concern on her face which must be the biggest proof of one being a mother.

Simmy tries to cover up. Then she tells the police that they must keep an eye on Armaan. Rano thanks Aasman for whatever she did for Armaan but stops Aasmaan from talking to Armaan and asks her to leave now since it’s their family matter. Meher runs to Aasmaan calling her mother and asks her to stay back. Armaan asks Aasman to stay back for the night to make Meher feel good. Meher shares her grief with Haniya. Then she makes Haniya promise that she has a plan of hiding somewhere so that Simmy isn’t able to find her.

Aasman asks Haniya about Meher but she says that Meher is her sister so she has to protect her. Therefore she can’t tell her where Meher is. Rano shouts at Haniya and asks about Meher so Armaan stops her and asks Meher nicely. After some persuasion, Haniya takes Armaan near the locker she is in. The locker gets stuck so they struggle to open the lock. Meher struggles to breathe inside and calls Dadu. While all this struggle, Simmy comes and asks where she is. She becomes hyper but Aasman stops her.

The key comes but says the locker can’t be opened since the lock is damaged. Simmy stands behind and keeps on faking her concern. Aasmaan says that the locker has heated up in the sun and they would have to cool it down or else Meher would suffer more. They try to take the locker inside but they fail since it’s very heavy. They all run away to bring something to cover it. Meher feels dizzy inside while everyone tries to keep the locker cool. At one point Meher stops responding so Aasman and Armaan start singing a song for Meher. Suddenly some men arrive with electric cutters on Simmy’s call. Aasman and Armaan stop those men and hit them hard. Aasman and Armaan keep on trying to talk to Meher. Episode ends.

Precap : Simmy would be seen threatening Armaan’s family to put them behind the bar if anything goes wrong.

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