Udaariyaan 28th November 2023 Written Update: Aasma tricks between Alia and Jordan

Udaariyaan 28th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jordan waiting for Alia to come with proof. But when bells rings he gets attacked by Aasmaa who captures him inside a net. Jordan asks Aasmaa how she reached his place. The latter asks him to check his pocket and Jordan finds tracker in it. Aasmaa tells Jordan that she needs to free Armaan and he was one who digged the corpse in garden with help of cleaner. Jordan says that he did not dig it but instead hung it on chandelier. Aasmaa asks Jordan how he knew about it as she did not even mention it.


Alia reaches there and puts all on the blame on Jordan. Jordan says that he knows who has killed Kabir and asks Aasmaa to free him. Alia tells Aasmaa to trust her and not Jordan as both of them want to get Armaan out of prison. Alia thinks Aasmaa has fallen for her trap when the latter joins hand with her. But Aasmaa thinks she has joined hands with Alia only to expose Jordan and her. She would keep an eye on Jordan and other on Alia. Alia asks Aasmaa to come to Kabir’s house to find proofs.

All ladies from Armaan’s family and neighbors gather there holding sticks in hands. Aasmaa tells Jordan that all this is planned by Alia and he thinks that Alia has double crossed him. When Aasmaa removes net from Jordan, ladies trap him with the sticks. Alia ties a cloth around his mouth to stop him from speaking further. Jordan is kept standing with both his hands tied to ropes. Ladies grind red chillies in mortar and pestle to make powder and tease Jordan about marinating him. They make him scared showing the hot oil. Aasmaa asks Jordan to confess who the killer is.

Jordan says that he did not kill Kabir and he is a famous singer. He denies to confess anything being blackmailed. Aasmaa brings a plate of red chilli powder. Jordan tells Alia to confess the truth or else he will show the proof against her. Alia tries to deviate Aasmaa but she says Jordan will confess the truth and she has to free Arman from jail. Jordan requests Aasmaa to keep the chilli powder away from him. Aasmaa tells Chachi to switch to next plan. Chachi says everyone to cover their faces as she is going to turn the fan on.

Jordan gets scared and says to stop. Chachi starts countdown before starting the fan and Jordan screams that he will confess the truth. Alia gets nervous as Jordan speaks further. Jordan says that his condition is to talk alone to Aasmaa. At police station, Armaan inquires about Aasmaa from his father. Aasma ties Jordan to chair and Alia peeks inside to hear them talking. Jordan asks Aasmaa to get his name clear so that he can get visa to leave the country. Aasmaa tries to fool Jordan and says him that Alia told about Jordan being involved in Kabir’s murder. Alia questions Jordan what he said to Aasmaa and threatens him to get arrested by saying Ekam. The episode ends with Jordan telling Alia that they will not get trapped and he tries to attack Aasmaa.


Aasmaa will get stabbed by Jordan. Alia will laugh evily seeing the same meanwhile Armaan will get worried for Aasmaa’s safety.

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