Udaariyaan 28th October 2022 Written Update: Nehmat and Ekam’s life in danger

Udaariyaan 28th October 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Advait removing Nehmat’s duppata from his bracelet and leaves. Mallika arrives there. Nehmat says to Mallika that Adavait is waiting for her on the terrace. Mallika becomes happy and goes to meet him. Naaz is upset that her plan has flopped. But she thinks of using the photo she took of Nehmat and Advait when the right time will come.

Ekam and Nehmat dance. Shamsher gives instructions to his goons over phone call. Just then, Nikhil arrives at the party. Nehmat welcomes Nikhil in. The latter apologizes to Ekam for what happened and assures him that he made his friends understand. Advait arrives there. Advait and Nikhil are surprised to see each other at the party. Advait introduces Mallika to Nikhil as his girlfriend, while Nikhil introduces Naaz as his girlfriend. Advait is surprised to learn. Mallika looks unhappy and expresses the same to Nehmat. The latter asks Mallika to stop being behind her. Mallika says to Nehmat that she doesn’t trust Naaz and accuses her of trapping Nikhil to fulfill her challenge. As they’re talking, Ekam comes there and says that he doesn’t trust Advait. They all go inside to have food except Ekam and Nehmat. They are celebrating Diwali by lighting firecrackers. Shamshee goons cut the electricity supply. They put black clothes over Nehmat and Ekam’s heads. They kidnap them. Vineet phones Shamsher and informs him that they have kidnapped Ekam and Nehmat.

Nehmat and Ekam are shown tied up to the chair. Shamsher goons are standing around them. Nehmat and Ekam’s heads are still covered with clothes, so they’re unable to see their kidnappers. Vineet says to Ekam to talk to his girlfriend before dying. He says that they fixed a time bomb to their chair and they’re in a firecracker factory, so their death will look like an accident. Nehmat says to fulfill their last wish.

At the Sandhus, Advait asks Mallika where Nehmat and Ekam are. Mallika says that they forget everything when they are together. Just then, Advait receives a message and looks shocked. In the firecracker factory, Vineet asks Nehmat what her last wish is. Nehmat says that they want to see their faces. They want to know who wants to kill them. Vineet refuses. At the Sandhus, Advait learns that Ekam and Nehmat were abducted by Vineet and were taken to the firecracker factory. Advait understands that Vineet kidnapped Nehmat and Ekam upon his dad’s demand. He rushes to stop his dad. He phones Shamsher on his way. Vineet and the goons start the bomb timer and lock up Nehmat and Ekam inside the factory and inform Shamsher.

Ekam and Nehmat manage to free themselves. They see that there are only six minutes left for the explosion. They try to open the factory door and shout for help. Shamsher reaches the factory and watches the locked up factory. He hears Nehmat and Ekam’s shouts for help. He smiles. He waves bye and drives off. Nehmat cries and says that she doesn’t want to die. Ekam tries to defuse the bomb. Advait reaches the factory. He asks if Ekam and Nehmat are inside. Nehmat and Ekam say that they’re inside and the bomb is going to explode in a few minutes. Advait tries to break the lock.

The episode ends.

Precap: Advait is trying to break the lock. Nehmat asks Advait to go away as the bomb is going to explode. Ekam and Nehmat cry, merging their foreheads. The bomb explodes.

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