Udaariyaan 28th September 2022 Written Update: Ekam is determined to find Fateh-Tejo’s accident truth

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The episode starts with Rupy being shocked to discover Jasmine’s letter and cursing himself  for not destroying it earlier. Just then, Nehmat comes there to help Rupy. Rupy becomes nervous seeing Nehmat there. His hand shivers and puts the letter in his pocket. He drops the letter mistakenly. Meanwhile, Naaz meets Varun in the café on the pretext of returning his wallet. Nehmat and Naaz are in the same café. They discuss Fateh-Tejo’s accident. Nehmat says that she knows the pain of not having parents and advises Ekam not to lose his parents by trying to find the reason for his  dad’s suspension. She says that sometimes parents hide certain things from their children to keep them happy. Ekam says that he will do anything to make her happy. Naaz notices Nehmat and Ekam. She feels relieved that they didn’t see her. She thinks of not letting Nehmat interfere in her life this time. She makes an excuse that she has an urgent work and leaves. 

The Sandhu buy clothes for Diwali at home. Nehmat returns home. Satti asks Nehmat to take her handbag from her room. Nehmat obliges. While leaving the room, Nehmat finds a letter. She sees it’s written for “Papa”. Nehmat thinks that it’s not Tejo’s handwriting and concludes that it’s Jasmine’s letter. She opens it to read, but realizes that it’s wrong to read someone’s letter. While closing the letter, she notices her name is mentioned in the letter. She wonders why Jasmine had mentioned her in her letter. Nehmat is about to read the letter. Naaz comes there and drags Nehmat from there. Nehmat crushes the letter and drops it there. After Nehmat and Naaz leave, Rupy comes to that room. He searches for the letter. He finds it. He puts it in his pocket and leaves. Nehmat comes back to the room to find the letter. She doesn’t find it and wonders where it’s gone. 

Sandhus are having breakfast. Ekam visits the Sandhus on the pretext of giving them the radius. Later, he takes Rupi aside and asks about Fateh-Tejo’s accident case. Rupy says that Jay was handling the case  and he visited their house while investigating the case. He says that after his suspension, another inspector took charge of this case and visited them regarding the case, but then the case got closed. He asks Ekam why he asks about Fateh-Tejo’s case. Ekam says that Nehmat often gets sad remembering her parents’ death as she doubts that their death wasn’t an accident. Rupy says that Nehmat isn’t able to accept her parents’ sudden death. He asks Ekam to let it go. Ekam agrees, but in his mind he becomes determined to find the culprit of Nehmat’s parents and reduce Nehmat’s pain. Their talk interrupts with Nehmat’s arrival. Ekam changes the topic. Later, Nehmat and Ekam leave for college. Satti and Rupy talk about Ekam loving Nehmat unconditionally and they are happy for Nehmat. They hope that Naaz also gets a good life partner. 

Naaz meets Varun in a hotel. Varun argues with the receptionist when Naaz tells him there is no table available. Naaz is impressed by Varun’s action. Meanwhile Nehmat and Ekam are on their way to the college. Nehmat asks Ekam what he was talking with Rupy. Ekam jokes to divert the topic. Nehmat is surprised when he stops the jeep in front of the police station. Ekam says that his one friend got posting here and he wants to wish him. He goes inside while Nehmat is waiting in the jeep.

Ekam meets his friend and congeatulates him for his promotion. He seeks his help to view Fateh-Tejo’s case file. A constable hears their talk.

The episode ends.

Precap: The goon threatens Jay to kill Ekam if he doesn’t stop investigating Fateh-Tejo’s case to make Nehmat happy. He asks Jay to separate Ekam and Nehmat. Meanwhile Ekam and Nehmat promise to always be together.

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