Udaariyaan 29th September 2021 Written Update: Tejo and Fateh have a talk

Udaariyaan 29th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with police putting a drunkard in the lock up where Tejo and Fateh are put. Tejo says that Fateh didn’t get any other lodge to stay in Chandigarh and asks him to bear the consequences. Fateh blames Tejo for that. Tejo says that Fateh keeps blaming her for everything. Fateh says that Tejo is at fault for tearing the divorce papers. They argue and says shut up to each other. Jasmine comes to the constable and says that they arrested her husband, Fateh Singh Virk by mistake. The inspector jokes saying that Fateh has two wifes. Jasmine requests the inspector to leave Fateh. The constable goes to Fateh and asks if Tejo is his only wife. Fateh replies yes, she is Tejo Fateh Singh Virk. Jasmine hears this and leaves from there. Jasmine says that Fateh saying Tejo as his wife and wonders what to do, she can’t let them stay together. She decides to call Kushbeer, but then changes her mind recalling Kushbeer’s words. She says that Kusbeer will save only Tejo and will put more charges on Fateh. She wonders what to do.

Fateh puts his handkerchief on the floor and asks Tejo to sit on it. Tejo hesitates first then sits on it. The drunkard sings and forcibly dances with Fateh. Tejo laughs on seeing this. The drunkard asks Fateh if he eloped with Tejo. He further says that his wife eloped with someone else and cries. Tejo offers him water. The drunkard falls unconscious. Fateh asks Tejo what happened to her. Tejo says that no one can say seeing this man that he’s in pain, the pain of betrayal is like that. She has seen lot in the less time she spent with him. She didn’t expect that Fateh will make her experience spending a night with him in jail too. She asks what more he will show her. Fateh apologizes to Tejo saying that he’s helpless. She asks where this helplessness went when he took her for night out. Fateh says that time Jasmine hasn’t returned in his life. Tejo says but Jasmine was in his heart. Fateh says that he didn’t want to hurt her. Tejo says that he used her, played with her emotions and murdered their relationship. This is supposed to happen as their relationship is based on lie. When he has decided, she’s no one to stop him. Fateh says that Tejo always said to him to move on in his life and asks why she doesn’t move on in her life. He doesn’t get happiness on seeing her in pain.

Amrit reaches the police station. Jasmine thanks him for coming. Amrit clarifies that he has come for Tejo. Amrit goes to talk to the constable and says that he wants to talk to Fateh and Tejo, they’re innocent. The constable says that inspector isn’t in the station and asks him to come morning. Fateh asks Tejo to rest. Tejo says that Gurpreet must be waiting for her son without sleeping. Fateh says that it difficult for him too to stay away from Gurpreet, but he can’t meet her. Tejo says that they both are suffering and asks why don’t he go and meet her. Fateh says that he didn’t want to return to that house.

Jasmine says to Amrit to forgive his friend. Amrit says that he’s wrong to consider Jasmine as his friend. She cheated Tejo by getting in affair with Fateh. He’s ashamed to trust Jasmine and act rudely with Tejo. He misunderstood Tejo when Jasmine is wrong. He walks away. Tejo says that he didn’t want to go back home, his love Jasmine is bigger than his parents love. Fateh says that he will return to this house only with Jasmine and it won’t happen until she stays there. Tejo says that she stays there for Kushbeer’s sake and Kushbeer won’t let her go anywhere. Fateh says that Kushbeer can stop her until Tejo is her wife, Kushbeer won’t have any rights on Tejo when she won’t be his wife.

The morning Fateh is sleeping placing his head on Tejo’s shoulder. Tejo wakes up first and realises this. Fateh wakes up and moves away. He says sorry to Tejo. Tejo says to Fateh that she will make everything fine and asks him to return to his house. The inspector arrives. Amrit shows Fateh and Tejo’s marriage photo and certificate as proof to the inspector. The constable shows Jasmine and says that she’s also saying that Fateh is her husband. The inspector asks what’s happening. Amrit says that Jasmine is Tejo’s sister and she must have said this in tension. Jasmine nods yes. Amrit asks Jasmine to wait outside. Amrit requests to leave Fateh and Tejo. The inspector asks what they were doing in the lodge then. Amrit says that they left home after a conflict and stayed in lodge as they didn’t have any other place to go. He pleads with the inspector. The inspector asks to free Fateh and Tejo.

Fateh and Tejo come out of the police station. Fateh thanks Amrit. Jasmine hugs Fateh and says that she got worried for him, she didn’t know what to do, so called Amrit. Sweety comes and gives a flat key where they can stay till they leave for London. Jasmine asks Fateh to come with her. Fateh says that they can’t go there and says that they will go home. Amrit says that Gurpreet isn’t well. Jasmine refuses to return to Virk’s house where she got insulted. Fateh asks Jasmine to understand the situation. Jasmine puts forth a condition, she won’t return there until she gets Fateh’s wife status and until Tejo is his wife. Fateh says that Tejo agrees to divorce her. A FB shows. Tejo agrees to divorce Fateh and says that she will tell Kushbeer that she wants to move on in her life. FB ends.

The episode ends.

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