Udaariyaan 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Fateh Breaks his ties with Jasmine

Udaariyaan 2nd December 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasmine asking Fateh why he did all this and asks whether he lost his mind. She says that she’s going to fulfil her dream and he ruined it all. The flight leaves. Fateh laughs seeing it. Jasmine asks why did he ruin her dream. Fateh says this is his surprise. He mocks her and saying that he gave her back what she gave till now to her and his family. He says that she never cared about anyone and gave only pain and suffering to everyone and now he gave the same to her. Jasmine asks what did anyone say to him and what did she do. She asks if Tejo told anything about her to him. Fateh says Tejo has no hand in anything happened. Tejo is going away with Angad. He says that he found her true face and is ashamed of what he has become because of her love. He recalls the Diwali night where Jass confessed Fateh that it was Jasmine who hired him to come back in Tejo’s life.

Jasmine gets shocked. Fateh says he back stabbed her just like she did with others. He asks her why she has done this and why she destroyed Tejo. Jasmine says that he has trusted a fraud’s words and has burned her dreams. He says that even she has done crime and asks her how did he get the Kangans that his mother gave him. She remembers how she gave him kangan.

He says that he wouldn’t have trusted her but then when he went to Police Station, he got know that she got him the bail and there he trusted him and she has brought him into her Life to destroy her. He asks her why did she do this and asks her how can she do this and she has done something which would have cost Tejo’s life. He says that her stupidity have cost everyone. He says that he has stood by her ahd loved her. He says that they let her stay because he loves her and then her true face has come out. He says that she loves no one and she has crossed all the limits to throw Tejo out.

He thought that she was childish but then it is all her plans. She says that she was trying to get her. He tells her that he was always her when he gave Tejo betrayal. He tells her that Tejo has done soo much for her and she was the one to hold his hand when she chose her dreams over him. He says that one day love for him woke up in her heart. He says that Tejo left him for her and she broke her relationship with him for her but now she won’t sacrifice anymore, she won’t suffer anymore because of them and she will stay happy with Angad now because her happiness lies in him.

Tejo gives the ring to Angad. Jasmine shouts at him and says that she only pretends and she can’t see them together and she does everything to snatch him from her to which he shouts at her to shut up and says that he can’t make her understand anymore. Jasmine says that he can’t leave her like this because he is her husband. He tells her that he feels disgusting and tells her that he can’t be with someone who can’t understand her own family.

He tells her that she is selfish and she can’t love anyone. He tells her that she is not Mrs. Fateh shocking her. She says that they got Married to which he tells her that the Marriage was fake and the rituals and Mantras are fake and he brought the actor Pandit. He makes her understand the fake marriage. He tells her that her concentration was on her dream that she didn’t notice that he didn’t fill her Maang.

He tells her that she didn’t notice him opening the Gatbandhan and tells her that he was her stubbornness and not her love as she only loved her Canada dream. He tells her that it’s enough now, he would have told that on their Marriage day but he didn’t want to come on Tejo’s way and ruin her attempt to move on. He says that he will stay happy in Tejo’s happiness. He requests the Police to free him and says that he became free today for real and telling Jasmine that she is free, he leaves from there joining his hands. Jasmine runs behind him and begs him not to punish her like this and about to tell about Tejo’s engagement but then stops because he will run to her.

She tries to manipulate him and hugs him to which he pushes her and says that even he loved her and forgave her but then she kept on doing sins. She tells him that she loves him and she won’t repeat them anymore. He tells her that nothing is huge punishment infront of her sins. She tells him that she is left with nothing to which he tells her that he left with nothing and he can’t go to Tejo or his family. He tells her that this is her punishment and leaves from there. The Screen Freezes on Fateh and Tejo in car.

Precap: Rupy opens the door to see Jasmine standing and gets shocked. Fateh slips and falls down but then looks up hearing Tejo.

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