Udaariyaan 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Armaan promises to protect Raja

Udaariyaan 2nd December 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Aasmaa dropping Raja to rehab centre. She insists to go inside with him to see his friend but he doesn’t let her come along. Aasmaa notices Raja shaking hands with someone and wonders who is the lady with Raja. Armaan calls Aasmaa to come along and she misses to see the person. Aasmaa gets ready for going to temple and the plate slips off her hand which makes her mother in law worried. She tells that they need a heir for the family and for the same they were going to temple and this unausipious event happened. She tells that only they can give heir to family as Raja cannot settle down.


Armaan’s mother tells about being worried for Raja’s future after their death. Armaan promises her to look after Raja and never let anything wrong happen to him. Aasmaa also testified for the same. She explains that the at temple the yagya is being done and people from all over will come to wish for their necessities like wealth and health and she would wish for Aasmaa and Armaan to give birth to healthy child soon.

Aasmaa feels embarrassed and says she will go inside. Family members tease her for feeling shy and Armaan says he will go inside too. Both of them, Aasmaa and Armaan dance romantically and get close. Armaan gets romantic to Aasmaa and she tells to leave her otherwise family members might see. Armaan says to let it be, as they should see how much he loves her . Suddenly, Armaan’s mother comes there and says about transaction being done for shopping saree and jewellery from her card. Aasmaa questions if card is with Raja. She
tells that he had asked her for money in morning and she thought its for icecream so she told to take it from purse. Armaan says Raja might have lost the card as he doesn’t need to shop so much.

Aasmaa goes to pick up Raja from Rehab centre and gets to know from security that he has already left. Staff from centre inform Aasmaa that Raja did not leave alone but with his friend. He says that they are very close and she looks after Raja well. Aasmaa gets shocked when the guy informs her that they were talking about going to temple together. Aasmaa rushes to temple.

Raja is with the same girl at temple and says he likes her a lot. He says why everyone’s hairline is filled with vermillion while hers is empty. Raja picks up a pinch of vermillion while Aasmaa reaches the temple too. Whole family is there at temple and gets shocked seeing Raja putting vermillion in Alia’s hairline. Alia drops her basket in shock. Armaan scolds Raja and questions what he did. Raja excitedly says that now Alia is his wife.Alia acts like panicking ans says this marriage cannot happen. Aasmaa recalls flashback of her conversation with Alia before she went to jail .The episode ends with Aasmaa confronting Alia.

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