Udaariyaan 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Fateh leaves Tejo alone inside the venue after marriage

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The episode starts with Fateh dreams that Jasmine is saying yes to the marriage and asks him to leave the mandap where he sat with Tejo. Fateh stands up thinking Jasmine is trying to get him away from this then he stops himself and realises it’s all dream. Khushbeer takes a step forward. Fateh thinks about his promise. Gurpreet puts her hand on Fateh. Fateh sits next to Tejo then asks Pandit Ji to do the ritual fast to complete the wedding. Tejo looks at Fateh who stares ahead. Pandit Ji asks them to exchange the flower garland to each other. Fateh thinks about Jasmine and looks upstairs where Jasmines room is . Tejo hesitates first then makes Fateh wear the flower garland. Fateh looks at Tejo then makes her wear the flower garland. Nimmu claps her hand.

Khushbeer glares at Nimmu. Fateh and Tejo then takes pheras. Fateh stops in between. Gurpreet touches Fateh’s arms and nods her head at him. Fateh thinks about Jasmine. When it Tejo’s turn to lead the pheras Tejo thinks about Rupi’s request to marry Fateh also Jasmine’s words. Pandit Ji asks Fateh to take an oath to protect his wife also fulfill his husband’s responsibilities. Fateh didn’t say anything. Satti touches Fateh’s shoulder. Fateh then says that he will fulfill his husband’s responsibilities also protect his wife.

Pandit Ji asks Fateh to fill Tejo’s hairline with Vermilion. Tejo stares ahead. Fateh fills Tejo’s hairline with vermilion. Pandit Ji then gives the mangalsutra and asks Fateh to make Tejo wear it. Fateh and Gurpreet looks at the mangalsutra and recalls how Jasmine got happy seeing the mangalsutra and hugged Fateh. Fateh looks at Gurpreet who just signs him to make Tejo wear the mangalsutra. Fateh ties the mangalsutra around Tejo’s neck. Nimmu mocks and billa smiles at that.

Pandit Ji announces the wedding is over and asks Fateh and Tejo to take the elders blessings. Fateh and Tejo comes to take the Sandhu’s blessings. Satti stops Fateh from touching her feet then hugs Tejo. Satti then puts her hand on both Fateh and Tejo’s head then blesses them to get all the happiness in this world. Rupi stops Fateh from touching his feet then praises Tejo and asks Fateh to take care of Tejo. Fateh leaves the venue leaving Tejo alone. Gurpreet catches Fateh’s shawl before it falls to the ground which is tied with Tejo’s dress. Tejo looks at Fateh then stares ahead. Gurpreet gives the cloth to Tejo then leaves.

Rupi says to Tejo that he dont know what he did with her today is right or wrong but whatever she did today to save his respect is something which will make evey girl in this country feel proud when they get to know about this then hugs her and cries. Satti and Sukhmini also blesses Tejo then hugs her. Abhiraj says to Tejo that he never in his dreams thought that he will let this kind of wedding happen to his sister and hugs Tejo then cries. Abhiraj says that they decide to shed these tears for Jasmine who is supposed to get married today. Fateh and his family waits outside for Tejo. Tejo do the ritual to leave the Sandhu’s to go to the Veer’s house.

Jasmine looks at Fateh from the balcony. Fateh looks at Jasmine and gets angry. Tejo looks at Fateh then looks at the balcony but before she sees Jasmine goes to her room. Satti says to Tejo that the one who she is looking for will not come. Fateh gets into his car. Jasmine cries thinking about Fateh’s words to going to Canada later in the Mandap he tells Jasmine about his job loss and shouts why Fateh did this to her. Jasmine throws the things in the room here and there then falls to the ground and cries. Tejo gets into the car and sits beside Fateh. Jasmine realizes that Tejo is leaving so she decides to see her. Jasmine sees the photo frame of her and Tejo and kisses Tejo’s picture then runs outside to meet Tejo.

Fateh and Tejo’s car leaves the venue. Jasmine comes there then cries holding the picture of hers and Tejo. Satti tries to console Jasmine but she runs away inside then closes her room. Fateh and Tejo stares outside then they both looks at each other. Jasmine looks at the show piece of the plane in which its written Canada she throws the plane then falls to the ground holding the picture and cries. Satti asks Jasmine to open the door then hugs Lovely and cries for both of her daughters.

Veer’s wait outside their house to welcome Fateh and Tejo. Fateh and Tejo gets outside of the car. Gurpreet takes Fateh’s shawl which is in Tejo’s hand then puts it on Fateh. Gurpreet opens the door. Fateh and Tejo looks at the arrangement to welcome Fateh and Jasmine. Nimmu and Parmeet prepares for the next ritual. Amrik and Buzo tajes the Welcome JasFa decoration from there.

Gurpreet tries to stop Fateh from leaving the place even before the ritual is over but Khushbeer stops Gurpreet and says that Fateh’s heart is broken so let him leaves. Tejo looks downstairs with tear filled eyes. Fateh opens his room door and gets sad seeing the decorations. His rooms walls are filled with Jasmine’s pictures and in the bed with roses its written Welcome JasFa inside the heart. Jasmine in her room cries holding the photo frame.

The episode ends

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