Udaariyaan 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Sarab gets fired from his job.

Udaariyaan 2nd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with a drunk man disturbing Meher’s lady employees at the office. Meher comes to their rescue and scolds that man. She asks the workers to beat them with their sandals. They start beating him. Sarab was standing outside the room for his client so the man running toward him and asks him to save him. He asks him to leave. Sarab calls his boss but fails to reach him.Meher says that he must be with the drunk man.

Although Sarab tries to explain that he is not with this man and is here to pick up his client, Meher doesn’t listen to her. Haniya tries to stop Meher but she asks her to keep shut. The lady workers start approaching Sarab with the motive to beat him with their sandals. The drunk man hits a bucket of paint kept on the door by mistake that Sarab notices. So he pulls Haniya and Meher close to him to save them from staining their clothes with the paint. His clothes get dirty but Meher still shouts at him and asks how dare he touch them. Sarab gets annoyed and leaves.

Sarab’s boss was standing outside Meher’s office who fired him without any proper reason just because Meher asked him to do this. He tells Sarab that while he was wasting his time here, their client left waiting for him so he must not show his face to him anymore. Meher and Haniya are seen driving back home. Meher asks Haniya to not complain to Aasman regarding all that happened at home. Sarab gets his mother’s call who asks him to talk to his boss regarding the advance since she is not able to bear the pain. He says he would just come back with the money and asks him not to worry.

Haniya asks Meher to stop the car midway since she wants to buy gifts for everyone as it is their company’s fourteenth anniversary. Sarab’s father and brother were passing by and as Meher opens the car door, she hits them and breaks their bottle by mistake. They start causing chaos over there and make a demand for another same bottle of alcohol. Haniya asks Meher to stay in the car and says she will bring the same bottle.

She goes to the nearby shop where some drunkards are seen teasing and disturbing her. She somehow manages to get the same bottle as Sarab’s brother and father and tries to leave from there but some other men keep on teasing her and don’t let her go from there. Sarab arrives and fights with the drunkards alone and saves Haniya. Then he holds Haniya’s hand and walks away. Haniya stares at him and smiles. Meher sees Haniya approaching with Sarab holding her hand. She asks him how dare he hold her sister’s hand and get rid of their hold.

Sarab’s father and brother call him after seeing them so he goes to them and asks what’s wrong. They blabber shit and say that Meher is very annoying and she broke their bottle. Sarab asks him to shut up for some time, addressing him as his father. Meher hears the word Dad and gets even more annoyed. Episode ends.

Precap : Haniya and Meher engage in a fight regarding Sarab.

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