Udaariyaan 30th January 2024 Written Update: Shehnaz to catch Asmaan in red handed

Udaariyaan 30th January 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts Armaan who is attacked by the group of Shehnaz. She instructs the goons to kill Armaan immediately. But Murtazim comes there and asks his mother to spare him since Armaan saved his life once. Shehnaz finally lets him free. Asmaan notices everything from aside. She gets relieved seeing Armaan safe. Armaan thanks Murtazim for saving his life. Suddenly, Asmaan appears infront of Armaan. He shows a positive gesture following their plan.


To show the love and respect for Noor, Murtazim eagers to give a expensive bangle to her. Armaan couldn’t see bear the unethical proximity between Murtazim and Asmaan. But he has nothing to do. Shabnam asks Asmaan whether she has anything special to give Murtazim. Asmaan wants to prepare a special kheer for Murtazim. Murtazim becomes excited and says he will wait for the kheer. Shehnaz and Shabnab both find something fishy in the behaviour of Asmaan. Shabnam is asked to keep her eyes on Asmaan in the kitchen so that she couldn’t able to poison the food.

In the kitchen, Asmaan starts preparing the kheer following their plan. Wahida helps Asmaan in the kitchen. Asmaan tactfully removes from the kitchen, so that she could mix poison in the kheera. Opening the venomous bottle, she pours the liquid in the food. Meanwhile, Shehnaz comes in the kitchen to check the cooking style of Asmaan. She instructs Asmaan to prepare the Khir first.

In the lunch table, Asmaan brings all the cooked food. Murtazim asks Noor to serve the Khir ar first. Asmaan hesitatedly brings the bowl to her. But Shehnaz wants Asmaan to taste the food first. Immediately, Aamaan mixes a dead lizard in the main bowl but Shehnaz insists Asmaan to have the kheer first. Arman gets tensed seeing Asmaan in the verge of the death. But again Asmaan shows a positive sign to him and taste the kheer. Actually, she prepared two kinds of Kheer.
Finally, everyone tastes the sweet one by one and appreciates her efforts.

Later, Asmaan and Armaan meet in a secret room and discuss about their next plan. But Murtazim comes there at that time. Somehow, Asmaan mangages the situation.

Episode ends.

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