Udaariyaan 30th May 2024 Written Update: Meher’s anger becomes an issue for people around her.

Udaariyaan 30th May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the introduction of the new story revolving around Haniya and Meher this time. Aasman is seen at the Gurudwara preparing prashad for Armaan the way he liked. Meher is seen leaving from her office in her car fuming up in anger breaking the gate. The watchman says to his colleague that whoever will get married to Madam Meher would be in deep trouble.

Rano and Sukhi ask Aasman where her daughters are. She says let them come once she will teach them a lesson today. Another guy Sarab is seen giving his mother a bike ride to the Gurudwara. Haniya arrives and apologises to Aasman. She scolds Haniya for being late. Meher arrives too and scolds Haniya for dirtying her clothes by hugging her since her clothes are stained by soil. She asks who comes to the Gurudwara in these clothes.

Meher asks Aasman why she keeps on praying for the man who left her and his family alone. Aasman says that Armaan is her father and she is not supposed to speak of him like this. Meher says for her she is everything and not the man who left them all alone. Haniya sees Sarab carrying his mother in his arms to the Gurudwara and smiles. They are all seen praying to Babaji at the Gurudwara.

After getting out of the Gurudwara, Meher sees Sarab’s bike near her car and gets annoyed seeing it kept at the wrong place. Haniya asks her to calm down and make a countdown till 10 and blow the horn by which time he will come. As Sarab comes late, Meher hits his bike and leaves. Sarab comes and gets annoyed since he loves his bike.

Meher doesn’t feel like going to Minti’s wedding but Aasmaan orders her to get ready. Aasman leaves with Rano and Sukhi while Haniya says she will come with Meher. Haniya gets ready and asks Meher to hurry up. She asks Haniya to at least wear her jewellery and get ready in a proper way so that the social media doesn’t stain her reputation. Seeing the earring Haniya asks if she remembers their father gave the same thing to their mother once. Meher says when she knows she doesn’t like to talk about Armaan why does she always do so. Haniya says she always got him wrong but isn’t like that.

Haniya makes Meher promise that nothing will come between them and their happiness and they will always be there for each other. Haniya says that in the wedding at least 10-15 men are going to lose their hearts to her. Meher says all boys are useless. Sarab is seen dancing at the same wedding. Meher reaches the wedding in his car with Haniya.

She keeps on honking looking at the crowd dancing and gets annoyed. Haniya gets out to move the crowd. She gets to see Sarab there and goes close to him and starts dancing with him. Meher gets out of the car getting annoyed seeing Haniya dance. Sarab’s sisters point at Meher and tell him that maybe she is his Katrina kaif who must have fallen in love with him. He keeps staring at her when she just passes away and breaks a glass bottle, shocking everyone.

Episode ends.

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