Udaariyaan 30th November 2023 Written Update: Armaan comes out of danger

Udaariyaan 30th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jordan handing over proof against Alia to Aasmaa which is seen by the latter so she throws a stick to hit Aasmaa but to save her, Armaan comes in between. He bleeds badly and falls unconscious. Alia panics seeing his state. Jordan tells Aasmaa they need to take Armaan to hospital. Armaan’s parents and Ekam also reach hospital. Aasmaa cries helplessly seeing Armaan’s state. Doctor comes and informs that Armaan has lost lot of blood so he needs to be transfused. Raja says doctor to take his blood as their blood group is same.


Raja donates his blood and whole family rays for Armaan’s well being. Aasmaa questions Goddess why she is snatching away her love from her. She prays for his safety. Jordan secretly watches Aasmaa. Chachi informs Aasmaa to stop fighting with goddess as her Armaan is fine. While Aasmaa is about to go to meet Armaan, Jordan drags her aside and gives her proof to save Armaan from false accusation and praises her for being a good wife. He bids her goodbye and says he will meet her later. Aasmaa sees the dress and thinks when Kabir was murdered, Alia was wearing the same dress.

Aasmaa is about to tell Ekam about Alia but he gets call from police station informing that Alia has confessed her crime and accepted that she has murdered Kabir. Aasmaa wonders what can be reason behind Alia surrendering by herself. Later, infront of everyone, Alia tells that she has killed Kabir. Nehmat tries to intervene but Ekam let’s Alia to finish her statement. Alia makes a story saying Kabir wanted to kill Armaan to get close to Aasmaa . She tells she went to meet Kabir for the same. Flashback shows the same, during argument with Kabir, Alia ended up stabbing him mistakenly.

Nehmat begs Ekam to save Alia but he denies. Alia keeps saying that she is not the murderer. Aasmaa says she needs to talk to Alia privately for sometime. She shows Alia her veil filled up with Kabir’s blood and says she could not show the proof to Ekam as she did not want to break his heart. Aasmaa questions Alia if she doesn’t feel guilty of putting blame of her mistake on someone else.

Alia says that she never wanted to let Armaan go to jail so she confessed the truth. But Aasmaa says she would not have done so if it was her getting trapped in jail instead of Armaan. Alia ends up accepting that she wanted Aasmaa to get punished for Kabir’s murder and go away from Armaan’s life forever. She tells that Armaan went to jail to save Aasmaa which she never wanted. Aasmaa questions how Alia could see Armaan going to jail. The episode ends with Aasmaa saying that she has realised that she lives only for herself but Alia says she still loves Armaan a lot.

Armaan and Aasmaa will get close. At jail, Alia will get mistreated by her jailmates.

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