Udaariyaan 31st January 2024 Written Update: Armaan’s life is in danger.

Udaariyaan 31st January 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with, Shehnaz checking her whatsapp where she has been sent Armaan’s photo as an intruder in their place. Meanwhile Armaan and Aasman get up on a tempo and cover themselves in jute sacks. The tempo leaves. While Shehnaz tries to check the whatsapp image, Noor cuts some wire and says to herself that Ma sahib would never know that Noor is Aasman and Armaan’s wife.


Shehnaz suddenly calls Kasim and other guards of her. She asks everyone to find Armaan and asks Shabana to bring Noor. She checks but fails to find her in her room. Shabana says that maybe they have fled in the goods tempo. Armaan’s friend drives the tempo. The police check them at a checkpoint and get to exit.

Shehnaz informs the commissioner to freeze the border and says that Armaan has kidnapped her daughter in law and is trying to cross the border. She also sends them the tempo number. At another checkpoint, the police ask the driver to open the tempo to let them do a check. He keeps them involved in a talk therefore gets slapped by the officer. Meanwhile, Armaan asks Aasman to leave the border since it’s important for her to be safe. When Aasman leaves, the police get on the tempo and start checking. Shehnaz reaches the point in her car. The police find Armaan and bring him out.

Shehnaz asks him where Noor is but he says he doesn’t know. They get Noor’s kangan. After that they take Armaan to her haveli. Aasman waits and sees all this. She says to herself that she can’t leave without Armaan and says she’s coming. Armaan is brought to Shehnaz’s place where Kasim beats him brutally with a whip and he bleeds. Sheh az asks him to stop and says that before he dies, he must speak up. He still says that he doesn’t know any Noor. She orders Kasim to beat him again.

Shehnaz asks an aide to bring someone. A woman comes in a burkha. She asks what was his motive to come here. Armaan thinks that this is Aasman and he needs to save her. Shehnaz asks Kasim to behead Aasmaan. As he proceeds, Armaan shouts and threatens to kill them if they do anything to Aasman. He gets rid of the chains and beats Kasim. Then he goes to Aasman and says that she doesn’t need to worry since he would take him away. Shehnaz says that this was her plan to make him speak out.

After sometime, Murtazim arrives and asks what is happening and why are they beating Armaan since he is his friend. She says that this is the intruder who entered their mulk illegally and kidnapped Noor. After hearing all this, Murtazim says that this can’t happen since he saved his life before. Shehnaz says this was a part of his planning. As Armaan remains silent, he asks them to beat him to death. Aasman beats the security guards and comes screaming and asks them to stop.

Precap : Murtazim would be seen trying to behead Armaan with his own hands.

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