Udaariyaan 31st May 2024 Written Update: Haniya falls for Sarab.

Udaariyaan 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Meher breaking a glass bottle amidst the wedding crowd and shocking everyone. Haniya was on a call with Aasman so she turns around and notices Meher creating chaos. Meher says that this is a public road and if they want to run a baraat then they must do it on the side and leave room for the cars passing by. Due to the breaking of the glass, the groom’s horse gets scared and starts doing circles. Sarab tries to calm down the horse while Meher says things to him and says he is an idiot. She walks forward with Haniya.

Sarab gets annoyed and follows them to the car. He stands in front of the door and asks Meher what is her problem and if she can’t speak decently. Meher pushes him off and gets inside the car. Haniya comes and apologises to Sarab and his sisters also ask him to not mess with them. Sarab notices the horse circling around so he goes to calm him down. Haniya runs to the car and leaves. Sarab sees the number plate of the car while it leaves and realises this is the car that hit his bike that day.

While driving Meher says they spoiled her mood. Haniya gets annoyed and asks when she stays in a good mood at all? She asks her to look straight and drive the car and not at her. She asks what was the need to create such a drama at the baraat. Suddenly Haniya notices that Sarab is following them on a horse behind them. She asks Meher to stop the car but she doesn’t. Sarab overtakes them and stands in front of their car. Meher gets down and starts arguing with Sarab. He says she is the one who started all the mess from the Gurudwara. Haniya tries to stop them but no one listens and they keep on fighting.

Aasman arrives there in her car and listens to all the chaos. Sarab brings a bottle of cold drink from a nearby thela and shakes it well. Then he opens the bottles and splashes all the foam over Meher. She fumes up in anger and almost tries to hit him but Haniya somehow pulls Meher and leaves from there. Later Meher is seen complaining about Sarab to Aasman who says she saw everything. Meher scolds Haniya for saying she should have been careful since she might have hurt someone by that glass bottle. Aasman says that’s enough for today and they all enter the wedding.

At the wedding Haniya sees Sarab is also there at the wedding so she panics. Sarab and Meher see each other. In the entire function, they keep on fighting with each other and don’t leave an opportunity to teach another a lesson. At last, Aasman comes and scolds all of them for behaving like AasmaSarab apologises to Aasman but says she must teach Meher to have some respect while talking. Aasmaan takes Meher and Haniya away

Episode ends.

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