Udaariyaan 31st October 2022 Written Update: Advait saves Ekam and Nehmat

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The episode starts with Advait trying to break the lock. Nehmat says to Ekam that they can’t be saved. She asks Advait to leave as the bomb can explode anytime. However, Advait doesn’t give up. He breaks the lock and saves them. Later, Ekam, Nehmat and Advait are traveling in a car. Ekam reassures a scared Nehmat. The latter thanks Advait for saving them. Ekam asks Advait how he knows that they were in the warehouse. Advait lies that he saw them getting kidnapped and followed the car. Advait asks who they are and why they attacked them. He offers to help them to find them. Ekam says that they don’t know who they’re. They wanted to separate them and threatened his dad.

Nehmat tells about her parents’ accident and their doubts that it could be a murder. Ekam says that the attack started when they started to investigate it. Nehmat says that now she’s certain that her parents’ death wasn’t an accident, but murder. Ekam says that he saw one of the goons and remembers his face very well. Ekam says that they started to meet openly, so that they also come out and they can know who they’re. Advait says that that result isn’t good. However, Ekam and Nehmat are determined to find the truth. Advait drops Ekam and Nehemat off at home. Ekam requests Advait not to tell this to Mallika.

Shamsher is angry with Advait for spoiling his plan by saving Ekam and Nehmat. Advait says that he doesn’t want Shamsher to do more crime. Shamsher asks what he should answer her. Elsewhere, a lady is shown. That lady phones Shamsher and asks him to make sure that Tejo and Fateh’s accident case doesn’t get reopened. She says that her past shouldn’t spoil her present. Shamsher asks her what her connection is with Fateh and Tejo. The lady asks Shamsher to mind his own business. She hangs the call. She says that Naaz has to suffer too for being Nehmat’s sister. Here, Advait doesn’t like Shamsher to follow that lady’s instructions. Shamsher reminds Advait that the lady saved him from jail in Canada.

Advait assures Shamsher to get updates about Nehmat and Ekam through Mallika, with whom she’s pretending to be in love. Shamsher gets an idea. He decides to fix Mallika and Advait’s alliance to break Ekam and Nehmat’s relationship, despite Advait not wanting to marry Mallika. At the Sandhus, Naaz asks Nehmat where she and Ekam disappeared suddenly at the diwali party. Nehmat lies that she has gone to Gurudwara. Naaz asks if she prayed for her. Naaz asks Nehmat to ask her what she wants before praying for her. She talks about her future partner thinking about Nikhil. But she sees Advait when she closes her eyes, which surprises her. She asks Nehmat if she has ever seen someone else in her thoughts while thinking about someone else. Nehmat says that she always thinks only about Ekam.

Mallika says to Nehmat that Advait and her parents are coming to her house to talk about their marriage. Mallika expresses her joy about the same. Nehmat is happy for Mallika and gets excited. Naaz overhears this and is shocked. Nehmat goes to the washroom. Naaz congratulates Mallika, but she reacts rudely. Ekam phones Nehmat. They discuss the attack that happened on them. Nehmat asks who those people are. Ekam says that they wanted to scare them. He says to act as if they’re scared for awhile. Then they discuss Advait and Mallika’s engagement. Mallika invites the Virks to her engagement. Meanwhile, Advait wakes up Nikhil and tells him about his engagement with Mallika. He asks about his relationship with Naaz and asks if he is really serious with her. Nikhil says that he wants to marry Naaz. Here, Shelly says that Mallika can ban Naaz’s entry into Kapoor’s house. Naaz thinks that it won’t happen and thinks of using the photos and the videos of Nehmat and Advait together.

The episode ends.

Precap: Naaz plans to teach Mallika a lesson using the photos and the video of Nehmat and Advait that she has. Nehmat and Ekam show their hand to a future teller to know about their future. He says that Nehmat’s wedding is going to take place very soon. Ekam gets excited about his and Nehmat’s wedding. The future teller clarifies that only Nehmat’s wedding is going to take place, which confuses Nehmat and Ekam.

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