Udaariyaan 3rd August 2021 Written Update : Fateh apologises to Jasmine

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The episode starts with Fateh tells Jasmine whatever she did with Gippi is wrong. Jasmine gets angry and asks Fateh then whatever he doing with Tejo is right? The lies he is telling her inorder to meet her. Fateh thinks about his lies then gets upset. Tejo tries to hear what Gippi and Saurabh is talking. Gippi asks Saurabh what’s the plan to which Saurabh tells she will tell him and asks him to get inside the car. Then they both leaves the place. Tejo wonders why Saurabh is talking to Gippi.

Jasmine says to Fateh that neither she is wrong nor him it’s the fate and the situation which made them to do all this things. She tells that she did everything to be with him not even caring about what others will say if they gets to know but still he thinks that she is wrong then she will tell everyone that its not Gippi it’s her who is wrong and gets married to Gippi. Fateh gets angry. Jasmine then says to Fateh that he is not loving her the same way he used to he changed a lot. Then she decides to leave the academy. She thinks that she knows very well that Fateh will stop her but then she gets angry and gets into the auto when she thinks that Fateh won’t stop her.

Fateh turns around and gets shocked seeing that Jasmine already left so he runs out of the room and sees Jasmine is leaving the place in auto. He runs behind the auto and stops it then takes Jasmine out of the auto and hugs her. He then apologises to her for his behavior also tells that she is right its not them it’s the situation which is wrong also he dont want to lose her at any cost. Jasmine also hugs him back. Then they both gets interrupted by the call Fateh receives from the academy so he tells Jasmine that they will meet some other time because now he needs to be there in the academy. Jasmine asks Fateh to have lunch with her next day. Fateh agrees and leaves the place.

Saurabh tells Gippi that he has to follow Jasmine and do the same what she did to him. She then tells without proof Tejo wont believe her so she needs help from him. Gippi agrees to help her. Tejo asks Satti why did she let Jasmine go outside the house in this situation she needs someone by her side. Jasmine comes there with a big smile on her face then hides it when she sees everyone. Tejo asks Jasmine how is she now. Jasmine tells that she is doing better now. Tejo tells Jasmine that she is here for her so she can share with whatever she is feeling right now.

Jasmine tells Tejo that she dont want to disturb her because she has her own family and responsibilities now. Tejo asks Jasmine to not to think much she will be there for her. Satti tells that she will make breakfast for them but Tejo tells that she brought Jasmine her favorite fruit which she used to have it all whever Rupi buys them when they were kids. Then Tejo sees Saurabh is entering the house so she asks Jasmine to go inside the room. She then goes to Saurabh and asks her what is she wants why she is trying to ruin her sisters life.

Saurabh pleads Tejo to believe her that Gippi is a good guy. Tejo tells Saurabh first she tried to instigate her against Jasmine but when it failed she tried with Satti that also failed now when Gippi’s true face come out even after that she went to meet him. Saurabh gets shocked. Tejo then threatens Saurabh that the Sandhu’s will break all ties with her if she once again tries to fix an alliance with someone like Gippi to Jasmine then leaves the place. Saurabh tells here she is trying to save her relationship but she is threatening her like this but she has to save Tejo’s life at any cost for that she has to expose Jasmine’s intentions to everyone.

The next day Fateh gets ready to go to have breakfast with Jasmine. Jasmine gets into the cab and messages Fateh that she is on the way. Gippi follows Jasmine in his car and says that the way she ruined his life he is going to expose both Fateh and Jasmine for sure. Fateh decides to leave the house but bumps into Tejo who asks him where is he going. Fateh tells the restaurant’s name Tejo asks Fateh who he is meeting. Fateh tells that he is meeting the investor of their academy. Tejo wishes him best of luck with curd and sugar.

Fateh gets upset the way Tejo cares for him then leaves the place. Tejo gets sad seeing Fateh’s behaviour. Mahi who comes there gets worried seeing Tejo’s sad face. Jasmine calls Fateh and tells him that she will be in the restaurant soon and she cant wait to see him. Saurabh calls Gippi and asks him to be careful because Jasmine is too clever if she gets to know about their plan then everything will get spoiled.

Gippi tells Saurabh that he will make sure that Jasmine wont get to know about him following her. Tejo takes the clothes to wash. She sees the card falling from Fateh’s dress which was attached to the boquet, she thinks about how Fateh gave her the boquet in the mall then takes it from the ground then turns around the card to see what is written in it.

The episode ends.

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