Udaariyaan 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Armaan comes back for Aasman.

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Episode starts with, Noor asking everyone to back off showing the gun. Armaan tells Ekam that he would save Aasman by any means so he gives Armaan his own gun and asks him to go and save Aasman. Noor makes Murtazim her hostage. Armaan leaves in the car alone. Noor asks Shehnaz to back off or else she would be responsible for her son’s death. She says that she is from Hindustan and she doesn’t want to die in a different mulk. Murtazim says that only love can save her now. She says she is not Noor but Aasman and only Armaan can save her. Aasman fires at Shehnaz’s feet so Murtazim snatches away the gun from her and keeps her at gunpoint. Armaan comes driving the car and hits Murtazim with the car. Aasman gets up on the car with Armaan.


Rano and Alia ask Ekam why he let Armaan leave when his life is in danger. He says Aasman is also his daughter so he had to do this and nothing would happen to them. Murtazim follows Armaan’s car with his men. Armaan’s car brake fails and blasts in the middle of the road. They run away so Murtazim and his men run to find them. Aasman gets shot by the goons in her leg. Armaan asks her not to scream and lifts her up in his arms and runs. Armaan gets shot too so he bends over. He still gets up and they try to run again.

They hide behind a bush while firing starts nearby. Aasman tells him that she is very lucky to have a life partner like him. He says that even if she dies today she won’t have any regrets. He says he would not let anything happen to her. He says that till he is alive he would try his best to save her or else he would complete his promise in the next life. Aasman says that he has given her every happiness and now she wants to be the mother of his child so they need to be alive. They promise each other to stay alive and cross the border.

Murtazim comes and holds Aasman. Murtazim and Armaan get into a deadly fight with each other. Shehnaz shoots Armaan again so he falls down on the ground. Aasman screams and cries for him. Murtazim asks her to move. Aasman says he would have to kill her before killing Armaan. He asks Noor why he did all this. She says he doesn’t even know what love is and he was doing all this to cover up his old wound. Murtazim says that he has also longed for love for his son and he saw a good mother in her. He thought no one can be a better mother than her. He tells Noor that she is right. He asks them to leave before he changes his mind. Shehnaz asks what he is doing.

He says that it is a crime to keep people who love each other away so he wants to free them. She says she would free them from life itself. He stops Ma Sahib and asks Noor to run away. Noor tries to take away Armaan. Shehnaz asks her goons to get hold of them. Suddenly Murtazim’s son comes there and calls his mom. Episode ends.

Precap : Raja would be seen coming back.

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