Udaariyaan 3rd January 2023 Written Update: Nehmat’s faces Kapoor’s fury

Udaariyaan 3rd January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Harleen going to the ICU ward to see Ekam. A nurse stops Harleen. Harleen says that Ekam is her hero who saved her and requests the nurse to let her meet. The nurse asks Harleen to wait till she gets the doctor’s permission. Harleen agrees. After the nurse leaves, Harleen enters the ICU. She smiles, looking at Ekam who is unconscious. She recalls how Ekam saved her. Harleen says to Ekam that he is her real life superhero. Nehmat wonders who she is, as she’s not able to see her face. Harleen asks Ekam not to die and recover fast. She kisses Ekam’s cheek. Two nurses arrive there and drag Harleen out of the ICU. Harleen scolds the nurse and leaves. 

Nehmat asks the doctor about Ekam’s condition. The doctor says that Ekam is still critical and they can’t say anything till he gains consciousness. Nehmat requests the doctor to see Ekam. The Doctor asks her to wait till he does his checkup. Nehmat hopes that Ekam can hear her and asks him to get well for her. The doctor who checks Ekam says that it seems that his body wants to respond. Nehmat moves forward to see Ekam. Advait arrives there and drags Nehmat from there. Nehmat removes Advait’s hand and asks him what this behavior is. Advait asks the same question to Nehmat. 

Ekam’s pulse starts to drop. The nurse informs the Sandhus and Randawas about the same. They get worried and go to see him. Advait says to Nehmat that he knew that Nehmat would be there when he learned that Ekam was critical. He asks Nehmat if she can’t wait till either he recovers or dies. Nehmat asks him to stop it. She reminds Advait that Ekam saved them all, risking his life, and asks him to act with humanity. Advait says that Nehmat is worried about Ekam because she loves him, not because of humanity. There, the doctors try to save Ekam. Here, Advait is about to leave with Nehmat. He sees the reporters and asks Nehmat to wipe her tears. Advait says to the reporters that they have come to see Ekam and they’re praying for his recovery and asks them to pray for Ekam. Nehmat feels disguised seeing Advait’s acting. The doctor says to the Randawas and the Sandhus that only God can save Ekam now. They all cry, worrying about Ekam. Satti finds Nehmat’s shawl lying in the corridor. She picks it. She understands that Nehmat has come to the hospital.

Neeru calls out the Kapoors and creates a scene saying that Nehmat secretly went to meet Ekam. Nikhil says that maybe Advait is in the hospital and Nehmat went to see him. Shamsher recalls talking to Advait over the phone and learning that he isn’t in the hospital, but somewhere else with a girl. He says that Advait isn’t in the hospital. Just then, Advait returns home with Nehmat. He pushes her. Nikhil holds Nehmat before falling on the floor. Nehmat admits going to see Ekam after learning from the news channel that he is critical. Shamsher, Neeru and Rama rebuke Nehmat for going to meet Ekam without telling anyone in the family. Advait warns Nehmat not to do anything which will stain their reputation as he is going to compete in the upcoming election and adds that he doesn’t want Nehmat to create anymore trouble for him. Nehmat cries and prays to God to help her. Just then, a God’s procession going on the street is heard. Nehmat covers her head with her duppata and joins the procession. The procession reaches the Gurudwara. Nehmat does service and thinks in mind that Ekam should recover for his family. 

In the hospital, doctors try to revive Ekam, but in vain. Meanwhile, Nehmat is in Gurudwara and prays for Ekam’s recovery. Satti enters the ICU. She says that Nehmat isn’t here, but her shawl is here. She says that it can help Ekam to recover as Nehmat and Ekam’s hearts are connected. There, a Baba blesses Nehmat that her prayer will be heard. Here, Ekam moves his finger and whispers Nehmat.

The episode ends.

Precap: Ekam saves Harleen from being hit by a car. Harleen thinks that Ekam is her hero and vows to make him hers. Advait burns Ekam’s photo and says to Nehmat that he will make Ekam from hero to zero by making him his body guard. Ekam and Nehmat look at each other.

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