Udaariyaan 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Sarab sells his bike for his mother.

Udaariyaan 3rd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Sarab and Meher fighting. She keeps on saying things to him and his family. He gets angry and asks her to stop saying things about his family. Haniya somehow stops Meher and takes her back to the car and drives back home. After reaching home, Meher keeps on blabbering about Sarab so Haniya says that how can she talk about Sarab like this when she doesn’t even know him. Meher says she doesn’t even want to know about him and his family portrays what kind of a person he is. Haniya says he might be different and he is the one who saved her from the goons. Meher goes inside being annoyed saying whatever happened with Sarab is what he deserves.

Sarab brings back his father and brother home and leaves saying he has some work. He wonders when his mother asked him to bring in advance how he can come home empty handed so he leaves looking disturbed. In the evening he is seen sitting alone by the road talking to a friend and asking if he has any job wondering how can his boss fire him without a reason.

Haniya is seen smiling, thinking of Sarab. Sarab stands at the door of his house and overhears his mother say to one of his sisters that he won’t break his promise and would definitely bring money home. He goes outside and talks to his bike Shiney and shares his guilt while crying. Sarab’s mother finds him sleeping by the walk outside their house. She wakes her up and asks what’s wrong. He asks her to forgive him and says she lost his job. She goes inside and starts a drama. Sarab says that he would fix everything and gives her 30k. She asks how he got so much money when he lost his job. His sister says that he sold his bike.

Haniya had come to Sarab’s place to say thanks to him so she overhears all their conversation and feels bad. She goes to Sarab’s office and talks to his boss who says he did this due to Meher’s pressure. She sees Sarab outside the office and apologises to her and gets inside the car. Neetu and Sarab’s mother both reach Ruby’s house for the kitty party. Hearing that Neetu belongs to the Aasman industries factory , she tries to be in the good books.

The Film’s are seen making all preparations for the 14th anniversary celebration of their factory. Haniya comes back home and talks to Meher about Sarab and his job. She says that Sarab deserves all this so Haniya asks her how she knows he deserves this . Sarab gets to know that he was fired due to Meher.

Episode ends.

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