Udaariyaan 4th April 2024 Written Update: Simmy shoots Armaan with her gun

Udaariyaan 4th April 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with a heart trembling situation since Armaan and Asmaan both struggle for their life. Though they try to their best to free themselves from the captivation of Simmy, but all their efforts go to in vain. Armaan tries to give a safety to Asmaan. But Armaan is dragged infront of Simmy and he is asked to fit the bomb in the car of Ranajoy. Armaan directly disagrees to take anyone’s life but Simmy threats him a with video which proves that the whole family of Armaan is in danger. Armaan becomes very confused to think that he should do.

On the other hand, Asmaan returns to the home and searches for Meher and Haniya. Searching the entire house, she couldn’t able to find out them. She becomes totally freaked out assuming the danger of her family. Here, every members of the family including the two children feel immensely suffocated being locked in the room. They scream with full throated voice but no one could able to listen them. Asmaan prays to God to show her the right path. Suddenly a wind shows her a particular way.

Following the indication of the God, Asmaan reaches towards the locked room and relieves everyone. Haniya and Meher both lose their sense for the claustrophobic environment. They are immediately brought in the hospital. After few minutes, doctor washes away the poisonous aur from the two children, but their health deteriorate instead of the recuperation. Taking the small hands of the two children, Asmaan chants the celestial Mantra which improve their critical condition. Asmaan gets relieved. Suddenly she gets massage of the live location of Armaan.

Simmy wants to prove Armaan as a murderer. When he fits the bomb under the car, Simmy records the video so that she could use it later. Armaan couldn’t understand what is happening with him and starts fighting with Simmy and his full team. The goons don’t miss a beat. Suddenly, Simmy shots Armaan with her hand gun and Armaan gets hurt with the bullet. Meanwhile, Asmaan comes there and all the evils escape from the spot. Ignoring his own injury, Armaan gives all his effort to save the life of Ranvijay. Armaan and Asmaan both chase the car of Ranovijay to save his life. But Ranvijay puts the headphone on his ears while driving. Though Asmaan drives the car as fast as possible, but they couldn’t reach him.

Episode ends.

Precap : Armaan and Asmaan both will stop the car but they couldn’t able to stop thr bomb from bursting out.

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