Udaariyaan 5th June 2021 Written Update: Jasmine to accuse Tejo for marrying Fateh

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The episode starts with Jasmine says to Fateh that she insulted him and his love and she is really sorry for that and asks him to forgive her. Fateh gets happy and hugs Jasmine even more tightly then they both cries. Jasmine asks Fateh that he still loves her right. Fateh nods his head. Jasmine says this time she made the mistake so she will make everything right. Fateh smiles dreaming all of this are happening. Abhiraj shooks Fateh and asks what happened. Fateh realises it’s all a dream then puts his hand on his forehead. Everyone gets sad. Tejo comes and sits nearby Fateh. Sukhmini says to Fateh that Tejo’s favorite dessert is Panner Kheer and she is going to feed him.

Abhiraj goes behind Sukhmini and asks her to see Fateh’s strange behaviour. Before Sukhmini could say something Jasmine enters the room yawning loudly asking why no one woke her up. Fateh stiffens seeing Jasmine. Tejo worriedly looks at Fateh. Jasmine then sees Tejo and Fateh and asks when did they came and asks Satti did she made tea for them or not. Then Jasmine asks Fateh to eat the snacks. Fateh reaches for a snack the same time Jasmine also about to take one. Both of their hand touches. Fateh and Jasmine looks at each other. Fateh recalls when she gave her the same sweet to her.

Jasmine sheepishly smiles at Fateh then takes one piece and eats it. Satti tries to stop Jasmine but fails. Rupi asks Jasmine to give respect to Fateh. Jasmine standsup and says that she forget that Fateh is her brother in law and calls him Jiju then laughs loudly. Fateh gets shocked. Jasmine then gets a call from her Preeto she tells that her sister and brother in law is here for the ritual then leaves the room. Tejo wonders what happened to Jasmine why she is doing this to Fateh.

Rupi says to Fateh that whatever happened he is really sorry for that. Fateh says that he shouldn’t have agreed to his father’s words. Rupi apologises to Fateh for Jasmine’s behaviour. Fateh says that he needs to use the washroom then leaves the place. Fateh splashes water at his face. Fateh then hears Jasmine’s voice who tells her friend over the call that she is completely fine. Fateh then looks at Jasmine who talks to her friend something with a broad smile on her face. Jasmine looks at Fateh then goes nearby him. Jasmine says to Fateh that now they are brother in law and sister in law he can ask anything to his sister in law she will help him then goes to her room. Fateh gets angry and goes outside and sees Tejo is not there.

Fateh asks where is Tejo. Satti says to Fateh that Tejo went to take few of her things which left in her room. Fateh sits on the chair on everyone’s request. Sukhmini asks Fateh to have her handmade Panneer Kheer. Fateh first refuses then gives in to her request. Dilraj feeds Fateh the Paneer Kheer.

Tejo in her room packs her things and then sits on her bed. Tejo recalls Jasmine’s behaviour then thinks about Gurpreet and Fateh’s words and cries. Tejo then wishes that she is still here in her house then closes her eyes. Jasmine enters the room. Tejo looks at Jasmine but doesn’t say anything. Jasmine says to Tejo that she is truly feeling bad for whatever happened to her. Jasmine says to Tejo if Rupi told everything then this would not have happened to her. Tejo asks Jasmine then what about Fateh whose life has been ruined because of her. Jasmine mockingly smiles at Tejo and says still Tejo supports him and says Fateh is her bestfriend and now he is her husband.

Rupi asks Fateh to forgive him if possible. Rupi then says to Fateh that whatever happened in this Tejo is not at all fault. Fateh says that he knows that but because of him and Jasmine two People’s life has been ruined then leaves the house. Fateh goes to his room then ties the anklet which Jasmine returns to him around his fist recalling Jasmine’s behaviour towards him today also the moments he shared with her he starts punching the bag. Fateh then sits on his bad and then cries. Tejo enters the house and recalls the argument between her and Jasmine.

Jasmine asks Tejo why did she agreed to marry Fateh who asked her to sacrifice her life then says if she didn’t agreed to this marriage then when Fateh gets the job he should have married to her. Jasmine tells Tejo all she asked Fateh is a job. Tejo says to Jasmine for a job she lost the love also broke Fateh’s dreams, love and everything from him. Jasmine says to Tejo even Fateh broke her trust heart and dreams. Jasmine then says to Tejo that she can’t blindly trust also wait for Fateh to get a job in Canada and just like Satti she cant wait for her entire life. Tejo asks not to bring Rupi and Satti when the matter is about her, Fateh and Jasmine. Jasmine says to Tejo its between only her and Fateh then Tejo unnecessarily involved herself between them. Fateh comes there.

Tejo says to Jasmine that just because of their love drama she is the one who suffered the most and says they are the reason behind her happiness and dreams are snatched away from her. Tejo then accidentally hits the photoframe of her and Jasmine which falls to the ground and broke into pieces. Tejo then looks at Fateh then leaves the room with her bag. Jasmine looks at Fateh then turns her face the other side. Fateh cries in his room, Tejo stands in the hall and cries, Jasmine also cries in her room.

The episode ends.

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