Udaariyaan 5th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine tells Tejo her dream is more Important for her than Fateh

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The episode starts with Jasmine says to her friend on the call that she is ready to meet the guy which her parents bring her for her and says his name is varun and says to her friend once her father gets to know about the details of the family background only she will meet the guy. Tejo comes to the room and folds her clothes. Jasmine says to her friend that she will meet her and they can do shopping together. Jasmine says to Tejo that she wants Tejo to meet the guy also. Tejo says that she don’t want to meet anyone and says that she has to protect her friendship. Jasmine says that she knows Fateh is trying to go to Canada but varun is already in Canada. Tejo says to Jasmine there is so much more in life than going to Canada. Jasmine says that no one will broke hers and her grandmother’s dream. In Fateh’s house his mother asks Amrit to go and give food to Fateh. Amrit says that he don’t even know where is he. His mother says that he must be in his friends house but Amrit says he is not there. Fateh’s mother cries and asks Amrit to do something Amrit says that he will find a solution. Fateh’s father calls his mother she goes to him.

Later Tejo thinks that Fateh did so much for their friendship and now it’s her turn to do something for him and calls Fateh. Fateh’s father stops Fateh’s mother from taking the calls. Then he switch off Fateh’s mobile. Fateh’s mother asks his father what kind of father is he. Fateh’s father says that Fateh is the one who choose to leave the house for the girl so if he wants to come to the house he has to come on his own and says he is not a kid anymore he knows how to take care of himself. Fateh’s mother says to his father to bring Fateh she will make him understand his mistake. Fateh’s grandfather comes there and says whatever Fateh’s father doing is for Fateh’s goodness only and both Fateh’s father and his grandfather decides to go to the Watch shop. Tejo comes to Fateh’s house. Amrit introduces Tejo to everyone. Fateh’s mother asks Tejo where is her son. Tejo says that she came here to know about Fateh only as he is not picking her calls since yesterday. Amrit says to Tejo that their father thrown Fateh outside. Fateh in that house tries to cook for himself but in the end he gets hurt.

Fateh says what kind of person he is he don’t even know how to cook. Tejo comes to meet Fateh. Fateh asks her how she knows that he is here. Tejo says that she went to his house. Fateh says that means she knows everything. Tejo asks Fateh why is he doing these all. Fateh says he is doing all this for his love. Tejo asks then what about his family members who loved and did everything for him till date and says to Fateh that his mother not even had water since he left. Fateh says that his father isn’t understanding him. Tejo asks Fateh how long he knows Jasmine. Fateh says for two years. Tejo says that he know Jasmine but recently Only he is trying to get to know what kind of person Jasmine is that too casually. Fateh sits on the floor and says if his father approved for his Love then he not even have to face this day but what to do they both shares same blood and they both are too stubborn.

Fateh’s grandfather asks the shopkeeper to show him a Watch. He shows some imported Watch but they ask him to show an Indian watch. Fateh’s father gets a call from someone and says that he don’t want to mess with that person as he is dangerous. Jasmine comes there with her friend and asks the shopkeeper to show her friend a Watch which she is going to present for her soon to be husband and laughs. Fateh’s father looks at Jasmine. Fateh tells Tejo when his father meets Jasmine he will Definitely like her. Tejo asks is he sure. Fateh thinks about his father’s comment about Jasmine when he saw her dancing and says yes he is sure. Tejo asks why he is doing all this and how many days he is going to Suffer without having a proper food and looks at the old bread. Fateh says that he isn’t feeling hungry. Tejo says that one can lie to anyone but not to themself. Fateh says it’s not about old bread it’s about company he don’t want eat food alone. Tejo says that she agrees to him and takes the bread and gives Fateh also a bread. Fateh says that even a old bread will taste like a cheese pizza when they have a company and they both eats the bread.

In the shop Jasmine asks shopkeeper to show some imported watches not Indian made watches. Jasmine and her friend praises the imported watch. Fateh’s father recalls Fateh’s decision to go to Canada and thinks that Jasmine must be also like this girl and passes some comments at Jasmine. Jasmine asks Fateh’s father what did he said. Fateh’s father says that he don’t want to talk to her and tries to leave the shop but Jasmine stops both Fateh’s father and grandfather and asks him to explain what is he meant by these type of girls. Fateh’s father says the girls who don’t even know how to Respect elders and being greedy and shameless. Jasmine says to Fateh’s father that she indeed wants to go to Canada and what’s his problem. Fateh’s father asks Jasmine to not to cross limits. Jasmine says to Fateh’s father that he already crossed the limits. Jasmine’s friend takes her inside the shop and says her not to argue. Fateh’s father and grandfather also leaves the shop.

Fateh makes poem about old bread and Tejo praises him. Fateh says that his father will love Jasmine after seeing her cute smile and hearing how sweet she talks. Later Tejo helps Fateh and says that her grandmother told her to make friends who helps each other when they are in need. Fateh says that her grandmother is indeed right but he don’t need any help. Tejo helps Fateh from falling to the ground and jokes Fateh for saying that he don’t need any help. Fateh then says once he gets his job in Canada then he and Jasmine can live happily. Tejo looks worried. Fateh asks Tejo what happened and asks her to sit. Tejo sits on a chair and says that he is doing so much for Jasmine but to Jasmine he is just an option. Tejo says that Jasmine agrees to meet a guy whose alliance is brought up by her family. Fateh gets sad and asks Tejo the guy is from Canada. Tejo says yes and looks at Fateh.

Precap: Fateh says to Tejo that he lives Jasmine with his whole heart and he will definitely get her. Fateh wakes up from a dream where Jasmine leaves Fateh. Jasmine goes to meet Fateh. Fateh’s mother says Fateh will never like such girls. Fateh’s mother and Father sees Fateh with a girl. Fateh and Jasmine turns around. Jasmine gets shocked seeing Fateh’s father. Fateh’s father asks Fateh is she is Jasmine. Fateh says yes.

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