Udaariyaan 7th January 2023 Written Update: Nehmat is hurt by Advait’s behavior

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The episode starts with Nehmat meeting Satti in Gurudwara. Satti and Rupy are surprised to see Nehmat there. Nehmat says that she knew they would come here that day. She hugs Rupy and cries, remembering Advait’s hurtful words. Rupy and Satti make Nehmat sit and ask her what happened and why she’s crying. Nehmat lies that everything is fine and she was just missing them and her parents. She prays in mind to God to give her strength to bear Advait’s torture. 

Neeru says to Rama that last night a drunken Advait returned home late and Ekam took him home. She says that poor Advait will start an affair as Nehmat loves Ekam. Nehmat brings lemon water for Advait. The latter splashes it on his own face. The maid asks Nehmat to give her Advait’s clothes for laundry. Nehmat is shocked to find the lipstick mark on Advait’s coat. Meanwhile, Satti and Rupy discuss Nehmat. Satti says that though Nehmat didn’t say anything, she isn’t happy in her married life with Advait. Rupy says that Nehmat’s silence doesn’t prove she’s weak. Here, the maid notices the lipstick mark and comments about it. Nehmat sends the maid out, giving her the rest of Advait’s clothes except his coat. Advait comes to the room. He sees Nehmat holding his coat which has the lipstick mark. He asks Nehmat if she wants to ask him anything. Nehmat stays silent. He asks her to get ready to accompany him for an event. Nehmat takes the coat to the washroom and washes it off the lipstick mark. 

The maid tells Neeru about the lipstick mark and says that it’s not Nehmat’s lipstick color. Nehmat hears this. Later, Neery taunts Nehmat, asking her to learn from Naaz the formula to win her husband’s heart. She says that Nehmat is more interested in impressing the media than Advait. Rama advises Nehmat to keep Advait happy so that he doesn’t start an affair with someone else. 

Harleen is waiting for Ekam outside his house. Ekam comes out of his house eating paratha and sees his car tyre is fat. Harleen comes in front of him and jokes. He asks her to stop troubling him. However, she takes his paratha from his hand and takes a bite of it and gives it to him back. She asks Ekam to take her out to make her visit the city. Ekam refuses. He says that he has work and leaves, giving her the paratha. Harleen thinks that Ekam can’t always escape from her.

In the event, the reporters ask Advait and Nehmat are the dream of each other. Advait says that Nehmat is his dad’s choice. Nehmat says that God chose Advait for him and becoming Kapoor’s daughter is a dream come true. Shamsher says to Prince that he was right to make Nehmat his daughter-in-law, as Advait can’t make any mistake when she’s with him. Prince feels bad that Nehmat is stuck in his political game. Nehmat feels uncomfortable with the reporter’s personal question about their honeymoon. Ekam becomes angry and asks the reporter to stop troubling Nehmat. Advait stops Ekam and reminds him that he is his bodyguard and not Nehmat’s. He sends Ekam to get him a file. Ekam obliges. Advait excuses himself that he has a meeting and drives off, leaving Nehmat. Ekam offers Nehmat to drop her at the house as she won’t get a cab or auto there. Nehmat refuses, but Ekam insists. Nehmat agrees. Ekam and Nehmat are on the way. Nehmat gets scared of an honeybee flying inside the car and hugs him. Ekam stops the car. He scolds her for getting scared of an honeybee. They both recall a moment from their childhood in which Ekam saved Nehmat from honeybees and got bite by them in her place. Nehmat gets scared again when the honeybee shows up again. Ekam unconsciously says that he never let anything happened to her and even now won’t let anything to happen to her. Ekam and Nehmat realize their current situation and cry remembering their past moments.

The episode ends.

Precap: Advait argues with Shamsher and refuses to keep anymore the forced relationship with Nehmat. He states there’s nothing between him and Nehmat. Shamsher and Advait look towards the door and see Advait standing there listening to their talk.

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