Udaariyaan 7th June 2022 Written Update: Tanya reaches the Shravan ashram

Udaariyaan 7th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Fateh driving the jeep remembering Tanya and Jasmine’s words. Other side Jasmine overhears Rupy and Satti’s conversation. They wonder where Tejo has gone without telling anyone. Then Rupy expresses his disagreement with Gupreet’s decision of getting Fateh married to Jasmine. Just then Tanya comes. Rupy asks where she has gone. Tanya says that she went to convince Fateh to marry Jasmine. Rupy asks if she’s really Tejo, she seems changed which shocks Tanya and Jasmine. Rupy says to her to decide after thinking well. He asks her to swear on him if she really wants this.

Tanya recalls Jasmine’s words and swears on Rupy that she really wants Fateh to marry Jasmine before the latter takes any wrong decision. Rupy asks if Tejo can see Fateh in pain and mentions everything he did for Tejo which surprises Tanya. He asks if she won’t get hurt on seeing Fateh in pain to which Tanya replies that her tears are dried. Satti says to give Fateh some time to decide. Tanya wishes to help Fateh, but she feels helpless in front of Jasmine’s stubbornness and her child.

Tanya says that she needs some more money for her mom’s treatment. Jasmine comes to Tanya and offers her money. Shevsays that Tanya impressed her with her work. She dances and rejoices the success of her plan. Tanya reminds Jasmine she’s hurting Fateh in this to which Jasmine reacts angrily. Tanya asks if Jasmine won’t harm her child, if Fateh agrees to marry her. Jasmine scolds Tanya and says to mind her own business. She realises that she misbehaved with Tanya and pretends to be sick to distract her.

Fateh comes to a Baba and breaks into tears. Baba asks what he is looking for. Fateh says that he is looking for his love. He says that he can’t accept Tejo left the world, in that case he would be dead too. He strongly believes that she’s alive and doesn’t know where to look for her. Meanwhile Tejo says that Fateh and her are connected and no one can separate them. Here Baba assures Fateh that God will unite him with his love through someone.

Tanya phoned a man and says that she got money and asks how her mother is. That man phones the care taker of the ashram where Tejo is and asks about Tanya’s mother’s health condition. Tejo is talking and Tanya hears this. After disconnecting the call Tanya promises that she will soon come to meet her mother. Fateh angrily punches the punching bag and says that he can’t forget Tejo. In the ashram Tejo gets hurt, the girl aids her. Here Fateh gets hurt and Mahi aids him. Mahi expresses her unhappiness for all are forcing him to marry Jasmine.

Fateh says that no one can force her to do which is wrong. Fateh hopes that the baba’s words come true. Tanya reaches the ashram where Tejo is, to meet her mother. She covers her face so that Jasmine could not see her if she would have followed her. She meets the caretaker. There Jasmine comes at the Virks to give Amrik’s things as it gives her more pain. Fateh wonders what she’s up to. Here caretaker goes to bring Tanya’s mother. Tejo is playing hide seek with the kids. She hides behind Tanya. Jasmine puts up an emotional drama to make Fateh feel guilty so that he ends up agreeing to marry her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo is hiding. Tanya offers her water. Fateh calls Tanya and scolds her. Tanya says that Jasmine reached the hospital. Fateh cokes to the hospital and stops Jasmine.

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