Udaariyaan 7th June 2024 Written Update: Meher’s anger is increasing like wildfire !

Udaariyaan 7th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Sarab noticing some chaos in the office so he goes to check in the machine room. They find an employee named Bhushan Singh injured and unconscious who fell off from a height. Sarab lifts him and rushes outside. He asks the guards to get a car ready but they say that all cars are out now. He gets to see Meher’s car so he gets Bhushan Singh inside the car and drives him to the hospital despite the guards and her driver asking him not to. Meher comes with her employees assuring them that nothing would happen to Bhushan Singh as the ambulance would be here soon and he would be taken to the hospital. She gets to know that Sarab took away her car without her permission so she gets annoyed and fumes up in anger.

Doctor treats Bhushan Singh and informs Sarab that he is perfectly fine now but if they took any longer he could have died. He thanks the Lord. After Sarab comes back to the factory, Meher asks him how dare he take her car away without her permission. He says that he was so badly injured and bleeding that he had to be taken to the hospital immediately or else his hand would have to be amputated. Meher says that Sarab is fired and she doesn’t want to see his face here anymore. The other workers stand for Sarab and say that they would also not work here if he is punished for doing good. He asks them not to be bothered by him but they say this isn’t his own fight now.

Meher asks them if they think that she cares more about her car more than her employee then they are wrong and she will prove it to them. She splashes kerosene and burns her car saying now he needs to witness what she can do when someone she hates touches her things. Sarab and the other workers stand there awestruck at Meher’s act. Haniya and Aasman arrive there and get shocked seeing the burning car while Meher leaves from there. Shakti tries to be in the good books of Meher so she slaps him and says he is incapable of doing anything and asks him to leave her path. He decides to seek revenge on her.

Meher walks towards home alone. Back at the factory, the workers look distressed and they say they would turn off the machines and stop all work from now. Sarab stops them and says that they would surely fight for their rights but not like this. Haniya comes and says they would provide everything to Bhishan Singh’s family and asks them to not do this. Meher reaches home fuming up in anger. As she sees Rano, she breaks into tears. Haniya tries to tell Sarab that Meher is not a bad person but just fails to control her anger. Rano tries to console Meher and make her understand. Next morning, Haniya ignores Meher and doesn’t talk to her. A cold war starts between them. Meher asks Haniya to talk to her directly and not hurt her. Munni asks Sarab to apologise to his boss on the other hand, Haniya asks Meher to apologise to Sarab.

Episode ends.

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