Udaariyaan 8th April 2021 Written Update: Fateh decides to forget Jasmine for his family

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Episode begins with Amrik asking Fateh what will he do now. Fateh recalls his father’s anger/hate for Canada and Jasmine’s memories too. He decides to go Canada. Hearing this Amrik, Mahi and Buzzo ask him what? Amrik asks Fateh did he thought of their father. Both Mahi and Amrik gets emotional and ask him to not even think of it. They also say that they have already lost Simran di, they don’t want to loose him too. Fateh hug and calm them.

Tejo on the other side tells Abhiraj that she got to learn much about love from Sarabjit. There is nothing more important than love in the world. Abhiraj asks her what Sarabjit told her. Tejo tells Abhiraj that Meher and Sarabjit’s love is so deep that even after Meher’s death, she is still alive in Sarabjit’s talk, thoughts and heart. 

Abhiraj tells Tejo that she has returned becoming a philosopher. Tejo says to Abhiraj that she also wishes to have true love like Sarabjit and Meher’s. “Love in which we can feel the person we love even he/she is not near you”, “love whose picture remain in our eyes forever” and love who is not able to touch you but you can feels him/her.

Fateh on other side look at Jasmine’s picture in his wallet and say that God will himself give some solution to him. Abhiraj asks Tejo does she like Jazz? Jasmine asks Tejo for Satti’s clothes. Jasmine says to Tejo that she takes so much care of everybody, what will she do when she will leave her. She adds that she will miss her very much and ask Abhiraj if he will too miss Tejo? He says yes. 
Tejo says this love. Love is most important thing in the world. For her love is her family. She loves her family.

Jasmine and Abhiraj asks Tejo did she fall for Jazz, she replies not yet. Jasmine asks so when will it happen?  Tejo replies she will fall for Jazz, when the latter will respect her after marriage, when Jazz will work hard for his dreams, will walk shoulder to shoulder with her. She explains that Love is worship. Abhiraj asks Tejo where are people like this these days who thinks love is worship. Tejo recalls Fateh and his words. She tells people who worship love exist, but sometimes their wishes doesn’t get granted.

Jasmine asks Tejo keep her philosophy with herself as she will automatically fall in love with the person who will take her to Canada. Tejo recalls Fateh’s love confession for Jasmine again. She asks Jasmine if a boy likes you with his whole heart but will not be from Canada. Jasmine interrupts her and say no never. Abhiraj says means no Canada means no love. Jasmine agrees to him. 
Other side Fateh’s father in anger throws things here and there. He gets angry on his wife (Gurpreet) for preparing and sending things to Simran in Canada. He says Simran didn’t cared for them or their reputation. Gurpreet asks her husband to forgive Simran.

Fateh, Amrik and Mahi hears everything and goes to calm their mother. Mahi says to Fateh that their father will never understand his love. Fateh recalls his all family members and Tejo’s words and punches his punching bag again and again. Fateh’s grandfather explains Fateh that his father is ride form outside but soft from inside. He asks Fateh to go and sit with his father as he will feel better.

Jasmine tells Tejo that she will look beautiful today. Tejo gives a black bangle to Jasmine. She too applies a Kaala Tika and do ritual to make Jasmine free of any evil eye. Jasmine says to Tejo that she needs to get free of eveil as she will look very beautiful today.
Fateh tries telling his father that his mother is right too. Fateh’s father shares his pain with him. He asks promise from Fateh that he will not leave him and fulfill his dreams of gold medal for India. Tejo stops Satti from scolding Jasmine for wearing her roka outfit. Tejo tells she already planned to wear some other outfit.

Jasmine gets shocked on knowing from her friend that her sister and her family got fooled by some boy and his mother as they told them that they are Canada and took their robbed them. Before Jasmine could know the fraud boy’s name Dilraj interrupted him. 
Other side Jazz and his mother discussed how they fooled and robbed many girls including Neetu (Jasmine’s friend’s sister). Fateh decides to forget Jasmine for his family. He even stops Mahi from talking to their father. Jasmine praises Tejo and feels bad that she didn’t got to meet her imported lover. Tejo by mistake reveals to Jasmine that her imported lover is not from Canada.

Rupi scolds Harman for spending Tejo’s wedding money on a new truck. Harman apologizes to Rupi and explain this mistake. Satti asks Rupi to get ready and not worry for Tejo’s wedding. Jazz reaches Sandhu’s for his and Tejo’s engagement. Jazz brings Fateh with him too. Fateh enters beating Dhol with Buzzo, Mahi and Amrik. He feels bad for his fate. Tejo to feels bad for Fateh. Jazz introduces Fateh to Sandhu’s. Fateh takes Rupi’s blessings. 

Episode Ends

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