Udaariyaan 8th June 2021 Written Update: Gurpreet defends Tejo

Udaariyaan 8th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Gurpreet’s neighbour’s comes to meet Tejo. Tejo comes and greets them. The ladies questions about Tejo’s dresses. Nimmu says to them that everything happened suddenly so Tejo didn’t have much time to think. Biji asks Tejo to bring tea for the ladies. Tejo goes to make tea. Tejo hears the ladies are making fun of her first marriage with Jass and gets sad. Nimmu enjoys the way the ladies humiliates Tejo. Gurpreet defends Tejo when the ladies indirectly points at Tejo’s character. Amrik comes to meet Jasmine. Jasmine thinks that Amrik is here because Fateh asked him to but Amrik tells Jasmine that whatever happened is because of Fateh only and supports Jasmine. Jasmine gets happy and tells Amrik that she knows her family members must be talking bad about her but she dont care because she knows she is right. Amrik tells Jasmine how much he dislikes Tejo but Jasmine doesnt stop Amrik from talking about Tejo like that way then she leaves the place asks him to forget all this.

Biji tells Tejo that new daughter in law has to make food for the family members then asks Tejo to make halwa and shows her all the ingredients in the kitchen. Gurpreet thinks about the ladies words. Nimmu sees that Gurpreet is frustrated she goes to Gurpreet and instigates her against Tejo by how Satti treat her. Jasmine calls Rupi to have dinner. Rupi says that he isn’t hungry and tries to leave the place. Jasmine asks Rupi why he is acting like this way then asks him not to put others blame on her head. Tejo makes halwa and sees Gurpreet in the kitchen so asks her to taste and tell her opinion. Gurpreet eats the halwa then recalls Nimmu’s words so she puts the entire halwa in sink and scolds Tejo for not making proper halwa. Tejo gets sad. Nimmu enjoys this from far. Rupi says to Jasmine that because of her only Only Tejo is suffering the most. Jasmine says to Rupi that it’s not because of her it’s because of him and then says to Rupi that he shouldn’t have emotionally blackmailed Tejo then she wouldn’t have agreed for this marriage.

Tejo enters the room. Fateh asks where she puts his things and asks her to take his permission before she changes anything. Tejo asks Fateh that he is the one who yesterday night asked her to use the other side of the bed so what is wrong in putting her things that side. Fateh taunts Tejo saying that she is the one who decorated the room. Tejo asks Fateh to not to taunt her. Fateh says to Tejo that this room is suffocating him the most. Tejo says even she feels the same way and tells Fateh that she disnt expect Fateh to treat her this way because they were Best friends before marriage. Rupi says to Jasmine that if he listened to Tejo that day and told her about Fateh’s job loss then he wouldn’t have seen this day. Jasmine asks Rupi that means Tejo aware about Fateh’s job loss. Tejo sits on the bed and says that she wish she can go back to three days before and refuses to listen to Rupi’s words and instead of agreeing to his promise she should’ve asked him to tell Jasmine the truth. Fateh gets shocked and goes to Tejo and then asks that means she is aware about his job status then questions why she didn’t done something to stop all this. Tejo says that its already too late that they have already comes to their house also Rupi asked her to swear on himself. Fateh tells Tejo that because of her mistake only all three of their life has been ruined then tells Tejo there will nothing happen between them then leaves the room. Jasmine comes to her room and throws her and Tejo’s photo frame recalling their argument after marriage. Jasmine then says if Tejo Tejo told her this then they should have stopped all this from happening and cries. Jasmine asks why you did this to us Tejo. Tejo sits on the floor and asks God why this is happening to her then says that God knows how much she loves Jasmine then cries. Udaariyan plays in the background.

The episode ends.

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