Udaariyaan 8th June 2024 Written Update: Haniya has fallen for Sarab

Udaariyaan 8th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with a new announcement of Asmaan in her company. She comes up with an idea that she is going start a new project and she will reward him who will perform the best. If anyone do any mistake, she or he will be fired from the office. Meanwhile one of the employees plan to kill Meher with a huge box which is about to fall upon her.

Ignoring all the animosities between them, Sarab runs to save Meher. He falls upon her, which increases the anger of Meher. She slaps him tightly. Now Sarab’s anger is intensified. Holding her hand, he drags her inside and lashes out for her misbehaviour. He teaches her the lesson but her anger doesn’t get pacified. Asmaan comes their and gets hurt to see the misbehaviour of Meher, she rebukes her daughter and asks her to change herself otherwise she will get a proper punishment. Meher couldn’t digest the insults of both her mother and Sarab. She promises that she will not leave Sarab so easily.

Haniya gets a call from someone and she is asked to come immediately. When she is in very hurry to reach there, Sarab comes with his bike and gives her the lift. Though Haniya hesitates to sit back of Sarab, but she doesn’t any other way. She reaches the farmland in where the farmers criticize the fartilizer of Haniya. But she fails to make her understand the importance and utilities of her organic fartilizer. All the farmers decide to reject the fertilizer from Haniya. Being nervous Haniya becomes more screwless, Sharab stands beside her and suggests her to explain the utility of the fertilizer.

When finally Haniya finally makes them convinced, she feels happy for herself. Her smartness is appreciated by Sarab, he also motivates her to be self-confident. The positive and optimistic nature of impresses Haniya a lot. After their work they spend sometime together in the field. Coming into the house Haniya realisation that she has fallen for him.

Sukhi gets angry on his granddaughter for her misbehaviour in the office. Asma also gets disappointed for her own daughter and decides to teach a lesson to her.

Episode ends.

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