Udaariyaan 9th April 2021 Written Update: Tejo’s Taiji doubts Tejo’s engagement ring to be fake

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Episode begins with Satti making Jazz meet Tejo’s friends. Tejo reaches Fateh and take him alone to confront him. She angrily ask him why he came to her house when she asked him to not. Fateh explains that he came for Jazz not Jasmine as he promised him earlier. She ask if he came for Jazz then why eyes are searching for Jasmine. He replies that even hand injury/wounds take time to heal, here he has got wound on his heart it will obviously take more time to heal. How could he stop trying to find Jasmine when he loved her so much.

Tejo asks him to forget Jasmine to heal his heart. She requests him to stay away from Jasmine. At the same time Jasmine will call Tejo and walk towards her. Tejo looks at Fateh staring Jasmine. Jasmine says hi to Fateh. She praises him for playing dhol nicely  and asks him did he learn playing dhol from somewhere or is it his hobby. She introduces him as Tejo’s (bride’s) younger sister. Fateh too introduces himself to her. Fateh reminds Jasmine that he met her in Chandigarh mall. She recalls it and thank him for saving her and Tejo that day, otherwise they would have gone behind bars. Fateh says he would have never let that happen.

Jasmine’s friends tell her that Satti has asked for dance performance list. She uses Fateh shoulder/back to make the list . Fateh and Tejo gets mixed feelings. She ask Tejo to return soon as everyone is waiting for her. She again thanks Fateh. Tejo confirms from Fateh that he was the one in Chandigarh mall who helped Jasmine and her. Buzzo tells Fateh that Jazz is calling him. Fateh leaves and Tejo feels bad for himself. Harman tries to help Rupi by giving him some money for Tejo’s marriage. Rupi gets angry on him accuse him for getting jealous. He accuses Harman that he couldn’t digest that Tejo is getting married to a Canadian boy, that is why he purchased truck out of Tejo’s wedding money.

Harman explains he never felt jealous, Tejo is his daughter too. They discuss that they do not have money for Tejo’s marriage. Satti and Beeji overhear their conversation. Satti requests them not tot tell anyone about it till Tejo’s Roka gets over. Guests will praise Tejo and Jazz’s Jodi. Fateh hears Jasmine saying when will she too get married to a Canadian guy.
Engagement (Roka) rituals gets started. Tejo and Jazz exchange the rings. Everyone shower flowers on them. Tejo’s Taaiji tells Beeji that the ring Jazz made Tejo wear looks fake. Beeji doesn’t believe it. Jasmine asks Fateh to come and enjoy function but he refuses.

Mahi asks hurt Fateh to go they will attend marriage in his place for his promise. Jazz and his mother cleverly see the jewellery that Sandhu’s will give them as dowry/gifts. Jazz think he successfully trapped Tejo. Fateh runs outside hurt. Buzzo too runs behind him and try to calm/handle him. Fateh tells Buzzo that he is unable to choose between his family and love. He sends Buzzo inside and cry alone. Another guest praises Tejo and Jazz’s Jodi and asks Tejo did she applied for Visa. Jazz and his mother gets scared. Jazz handles saying that bride and groom photo and marriage certificate is needed for Visa, otherwise he has done all the preparations.
Jazz’s mother asks Satti for Shagun and Land papers. She makes excuse of relatives.

Jasmine shows her friend Preeto the wedding decorations. Tejo too talks to her. By fate Preeto doesn’t get to see Jazz. Jasmine shows Tejo’s ring to Preeto. Tejo’s Taaiji again tells Beeji that Tejo’s engagement ring is fake. Tejo overhears them and tell her Taiji that it is real only. Dilraj hears and sees Jazz and his mother counting shagan money greedily. Dilraj tells Abhiraj what he saw. Jazz’s mother handles the matter. Fateh recall Jasmine and the latter collides with him. She makes him drink cold drink and talks continuously to him. Amrik calls him and cold drink falls on Fateh, Jasmine cleans it. Jasmine friend takes her for dance performance. Amrik asks Fateh to forget Jasmine as he could not leave his family for Canada. 

Episode Ends

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