Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 Written Update: Aman crosses his limits with Tejo

Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with some kinners visiting Virks and blessing Tejo. They ask to call another daughter-in-law of the house. One of the kinner places a remote car on the floor. Candy runs after that car. The same kinner takes the house’s key’s print on a soap while other kinners keep the family distracted. Simran comes to Jasmine’s room. Jasmine gets scared that Simran will see her fake bump. She pretends to be unwell and sends Simran back. Simran comes to the family and tells that Jasmine isn’t well. Gurpreet tells the kinner that they can meet Jasmine another day.

Outside of the house Aman tells Candy that he is his father. Candy says that Buzzo is his father. Aman shows Candy photos of himself and Simran together. He tries to persuade Candy to come along with him to Canada. Family realizes that Candy is missing. They start looking for Candy. Tejo finds Candy with Aman and notifies the family. Tejo sends Candy inside. Fateh comes and gets angry on seeing Aman. He tries to hit him. Tejo and family stop Fateh. Aman threatens to get them all arrested. He says that he filed case to get Candy’s custody in the legal court. He claims that he is Candy’s legal father. Fateh says to Aman that he can’t get Candy’s custody. Aman comments about Fateh not being able to have child. Simran asks Aman what he wants at last. Aman shouts that he wants his son a d vows to get it at any cost.

Tejo says that Aman filed the case on the DNA base, so there’s chance the case judgment can be in favor of Aman. Fateh says that they have to prove Aman is a criminal to avoid this. Simran gets worried as she doesn’t have any proof against Aman. Tejo says that they have a week time to collect proof. Simran panics of losing the case. Fateh and Tejo reassures Simran. Tejo says to control his anger and to not do anything that’s against the case. Family shows their support for Simran. Just then a delivery boy delivers an ayurvedic oil that Tejo ordered for Jasmine.

Tejo comes to Jasmine to massage her baby bump with the ayurvedic oil. Jasmine acts as she’s feeling shy that Tejo touch her tummy. Tejo insists. Jasmine pretends to have pain in her stomach. Gurpreet comes and gets worried. She acts and refuses to get the oil massage on the baby. She asks Tejo to not force her. Gurpreet agrees with Jasmine. Tejo and Gurpreet leave.

Tejo is preparing food in the kitchen. She recalls Jasmine’s weird behavior in the past few days. Gurpreet comes to Tejo that they’re going to the puja organized at the minister’s house. They will discuss about the case and will pray to get rid off Aman. Tejo says that Jasmine is still sleeping and Simran and Buzzo aren’t at home, so she will stay back to look after Tejo. Gurpreet agrees and leaves.

Tejo is taking shower in the washroom. Aman enters the Virks’ house using the duplicate key. Aman hears shower sounds and goes into Fateh-Tejo room. He stands near the washroom door. Tejo wears her dress and comes out of the washroom. She is wiping her hair. Aman goes near Tejo. The latter turns around and gets scared on seeing Aman.

The episode ends.

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