Udaariyaan 9th November 2022 Written Update: Shelly spots Nehmat with Advait in Shimla

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The episode starts with Advait saying to Nehmat that, thankfully, Nana’s uncle was convinced. They sit in a coffee shop to eat something as Advait is starving. Nehmat recalls celebrating her and Ekam’s five-year anniversary by feeding heart-shaped paratha to each other. She then remembers Ekam asking her to meet the next day to celebrate the anniversary of their relationship. Advait brings Nehmat out of her thoughts. Shelly is shocked to see Nehmat and Advait there. She clicks their photo. Advait praises Nehmat for convincing Nanak. He says that she is very special as she came to Shimla with him for Ranadawat’s family.

Nehmat says that she did this for her dear ones. She thanks Advait for helping her. He also claims to do it for his dear ones. He thinks that he did it for his dad. 

Shelly sends Advait and Nehmat’s photos to Naaz. She phones Naaz and asks her to check the photos that she shared. Naaz is shocked to see Advait and Nehmat’s photos. Shelly says to Naaz that Nehmat and Advait are in Shimla when there is only a week left for Advait and Mallika’s wedding. Naaz smirks and feels sad for Ekam. 

Ekam arrests a drug dealer. His subordinate officer praises Ekam for catching the drug dealer. He gives Ekam his phone. Ekam sees many missed calls from Nehmat. He tries to call her back, but his phone gets switched off as the phone’s battery is drained. He thinks of talking to her in the evening when they meet. 

Advait and Nehmat are on the way in car. Nehmat asks Advait to dive fast. Advait says that it’s a hill station, so he can’t drive too fast. Nehmat asks him if he has a phone charger as her phone’s battery is low. Advait says that he doesn’t have one. Mallika phones Advait. Nehmat becomes nervous seeing this. Advait attends the call and says that he is out of Moha and hangs up the call. Naaz goes to Mallika and tries to instigate Mallika against Nehmat. She says that it can’t be a coincidence that both Nehmat and Advait went out of the town on the same day.

Mallika scolds Naaz and says that she trusts both Nehmat and Advait. Just then, Rama and Nikhil arrive there. Naaz takes Rama’s blessing. Mallika greets Rama. Naaz trips Mallika’s foot. Mallika is about to fall. Naaz holds her and shows her fake concern for her. Mallika glares at Naaz

In the jewellery shop, Nikhil and Rama go aside. Mallika and Naaz like the same jewellery set and argue about that. Rama comes back and sees this. She asks the jeweller to make two sets of the same jewellery for her daughters-in-law. But Naaz and Mallika refuse and ask the other person to take it. Rama asks why they changed their minds when they were fighting for that set just before. Naaz changes the topic. In Shimla, there is a sudden landslide and roads are blocked. Nehmat says to Advait that she should reach Moha at any cost. She goes and talks to the officers. On the other hand, Ekam is waiting in a coffee shop for Nehmat with a flower bouquet. Here, Nehmat cries, as there’s no way to reach Moha immediately. 

In the jewellery, Naaz likes a bangle. Rama and Nikhil ask Naaz to take it. Mallika wants to get for her the set for which Naaz and Mallika fought. But Naaz says that Advait is very simple, so he won’t like such a heavy set. Nikhil agrees with Naaz. Rama asks Mallika to choose a simple set. Nikhil says that the set will suit Naaz and asks her to take it. Mallika understands that Naaz has already taken Nikhil under his control and is sad that Advait didn’t come with her for shopping. 

Nehmat says to Advait that she should call Ekam and tells him that she’s in Shimla with Advait as she has to meet Ekam now. Advait asks Nehmat not to tell Ekam that she’s with him in Shimla, as if Mallika gets to know this, he won’t be able to convince her. Nehmat refuses to lie to Ekam. Advait convinces Nehmat that if she tells this to Ekam, he may also find out about the article. He asks her to call Ekam from someone’s number. Nehmat agrees. Nehmat borrows a phone and calls Ekam. She says to Ekam that she has come to Shimla for official work, but she is stuck there due to the landslide. Ekam asks Nehmat if someone is with her. Nehmat looks on confused. 

The episode ends. 

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