Udaariyaan: Alia to return back in Armaan’s life!

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Colors TV show Udaariyaan is going to take viewers for more twists and turns as we will see Armaan finding Alia in the truck he will be taking to border. Meanwhile even Aasmaa will be chased by goons. How will Armaan and Aasmaa’s relationship get affected with Alia returning back to their lives?


In the previous episode, Armaan ran behind the goons who stole his money bag but failed to catch them. Armaan called Aasmaa and while she was on call with him, someone comes and kidnaps her.

Armaan recalls about tracker in Aasmaa’s bracelet and finds her location. He reaches there and goons ask him to do their work if he wants his wife to be freed. Armaan agrees to their condition. Goons warn Armaan to reach border in time if he wants his wife’s safety.

Armaan suddenly hears someone coughing and decides to check the trick once. Armaan opens the door of truck and gets shocked to see it filled up with girls tied up inside. Even Alia is there. Aasmaa is trying to escape goons while Armaan is perplexed to see unconscious Aaliya.

In the upcoming episode, goons will be chasing Aasmaa while Armaan will be with Alia. Aasmaa will get gun and point towards goons . While Armaan will reach there with Alia and get shot . Will Armaan be safe? To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more