Udaariyaan: Armaan brings back Aasman!

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Udaariyaan is ready for more drama as Aasman slaps Alia for her deeds!


In the latest episode, Aasman says to Alia that both of them are Ekam’s daughters then how could she become so distant and become so different? Aasman says that she deserves whatever’s happening with her. She says that she has even lost her self respect.

She warns her that she has said enough to her and now if she tries to play a game with her family then she would have to fight with her first and she can’t win the game so easily. She calls Kabir and says that their plan has successfully worked.

Aasman gives him a second chance and asks him to promise that he won’t break her heart ever. Armaan says that she has given him a reason to live his life and will prove himself and promises her to do whatever he can. Armaan arrives playing a dhol so everyone asks what’s wrong. Aasman arrives behind him.

Armaan says that he has brought Aasman back and she must prepare for their Grah Pravesh. He says that Aasman has given her a chance to prove himself. Rano and Neetu do the Grah Pravesh arrangements.

Armaan and Aasman together do their Grah Pravesh and enter the house. Sukhi also thanks Aasman for giving them another chance.

Alia arrives at the door with a suitcase and shocks everyone. Armaan asks why Alia is here now. Alia says that he was right, she has lost everything herself and now even Ekam doesn’t trust her. She has done a lot of wrongs since childhood.

She says to Aasman that she was right whatever happened with her was what she deserved.She apologises to Aasman for everything and then puts Armaan and Alia’s hands together. She says that she won’t interfere between them again and she is leaving now.

In the next Armaan would be taking part in some competition to win 15 lakh rupees. Would it be for Alia? Why does he need so much money? To know what’s the matter with Armaan, keep watching Udaariyaan.