Udaariyaan: Ekam to blame Nehmat for Jayveer’s death!

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Jasmine getting Jayveer killed. 

Previously, it was seen that Shamsher phoned Jasmine and said that Jayveer had spotted the goon, Vineet, and had learned the truth. Jasmine said that she was aware of everything which was happening there. She ordered him to kill Jayveer. On the other hand, Naaz scheduled Jayveer’s article’s automatic publication online on Nehmat’s laptop for the next day in order to take revenge on Nehmat for favoring Mallika over Naaz.

The next day, Ekam and Mallika were shocked to read the article about Jayveer on the internet. Nehmat learned about the article publication when her boss phoned her. She was stunned and wondered how the article got published. She was scared of Ekam and Jayveer’s reaction on seeing the article.

So, she rushed to Ekam’s house to explain to him. On the other hand, Ekam and his family were finding Jayveer. They are shocked to find Jayveer dead in his car with a suicide note in which he had blamed Nehmat’s article for his suicide.

Shamsher confessed to Advait that he killed Jayveer upon Mrs Aluwalia’s order and made it look like a suicide due to Nehmat’s article. Nehmat reached Ekam’s house and stood shocked to see Jayveer’s dead body.
In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Ekam will prevent Nehmat from putting flowers on Jayveer’s dead body. Ekam will blame Nehmat for Jayveer’s death and will ask her not to touch his body. He will say that he doesn’t need Nehmat and will drag her out.

Nehmat will try to explain to Ekam that she didn’t publish the article. Ekam will refuse to listen to her and will throw her out of the house. Nehmat will burst into tears sitting outside Ekam’s house. 

Will this be Ekam and Nehmat’s relationship’s end? Can Nehmat prove to Ekam her innocence? 

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