Udaariyaan: Fateh and Jasmine to return to India with Amrik’s ashes?

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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Fateh and Jasmine crying for Amrik’s death.

Previously it was seen that Angad shot at Tejo, but Amrik took the bullet coming in front of Tejo and saving her life. Fateh and Jasmine rushed Amrik to the hospital immediately. Tejo stepped back watching the ambulance leaving. Amrik took promise from Fateh that he should take Tejo to India and he should look after the family and Jasmine and died. Fateh called the doctor to check Amrik. The doctor said that Amrik was no more shocking Fateh and Jasmine. They both cried for Amrik. Meanwhile Tejo went missing. Jasmine said to Fateh that Tejo might be blaming herself for what happened and might be crying sitting in the cemetery. She asked Fateh to go and find Tejo. Fateh obliged. In India Kushbeer confronted Rupy about leaking Mahi’s video. Rupy refused the allegation. Abhiraj spoke I’ll of Mahi and blamed her.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tanya will tell Fateh that she isn’t Tejo. Fateh will ask who she’s then. Tanya will say that she’s Tanya Gill. She will add that Tejo died the other day getting burned in the fire. Fateh will cry his heart out. Jasmine and Fateh will return to the Virk’s mansion. Gurpreet will come with aarti plate to welcome them. She will get shocked on seeing Fateh holding a pot of ashes and Jasmine holding Amrik’s photo. Gurpreet will faint shocking Fateh and Jasmine.

What will happen next? What new twist will bring Amrik’s death in Fateh’s life?

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