Udaariyaan: Fateh had a showdown with his father

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Colors, one of the most popular evening shows, Udaariyaan, is going through the most interesting part of the story. Currently, the show is focusing on Tejo and her broken marriage. She is currently bearing the consequences of aspiring to go to a foreign country after marriage. On the other hand, Jass and Fateh are trying their best to cheer her up. However the upcoming episodes are going to bring out a lot of factors in light about such a big fat wedding. On the other hand, fans are eagerly waiting for Fateh and Tejo to fall in love with each other. Now it will be interesting to see what kind of a turn the story will take from here on.

In the last episode we saw that Tejo is extremely disturbed post the marriage incident and she is just trying to corner herself from the entire world. On the other hand her family and sister are trying their best to cheer her up so that she can have a normal life again. Tejo also finally had an outburst of emotions on road and she cries resting her head on the shoulder of Fateh and Jas is also there with her. However later on she got to hear some heart wrenching taunts from the local ladies for everything that happened. They mocked her for being desperate to go to Canada and fulfill her dreams. Tejo felt suffocated and got angry at Fateh and Jass for forcing her to go out with them when she was not interested in the first place.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Fateh will have a major fight with his father regarding his dreams of going to Canada. He will ask him to drop his dreams of visiting a foreign country. While on the other side, Tejo will get to know about their land being sold and gifted to Jaz for her marriage. She gets visibly upset with the entire thing and gets angry at her family members for hiding such a big thing from her.

What will be the next step for Tejo? Will she be able to overcome this betrayal? To know more keep watching the show on Colors at 7pm.