Udaariyaan: Fateh to accuse Tejo and Simran to come for Tejo’s rescue?

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Colors popular show is all set for some major turning points in the show with Fateh seeing Buzzo hugging and consoling Tejo.

In the previous episode Tejo exposed Jasmine’s dead rat drama to Virks, but Jasmine denied it and accused Tejo of putting false allegations on her to make her bad in front of Fateh’s family. She asked Tejo why she still stays at Fateh’s house after signing the divorce papers. Fateh also took Jasmine’s side and questioned Tejo. Tejo decided to fight back and tore apart the divorce papers. She refused to divorce Fateh and challenged Jasmine to do whatever she wants shocking Fateh and Jasmine. Jasmine tried to convince the family that she’s innocent. However they refused to believe Jasmine and supported Tejo. Fateh supported Jasmine against Tejo.

Later Jasmine tried to manipulate Fateh that Tejo did everythinng to trap her since she’s jealous of them. Fateh refused to believe this which angered Jasmine. Biji decided to make Fateh realise Jasmine isn’t right choice for him and this family and made a plan. Jasmine decided to make Fateh believe that Tejo is behind everything. Fateh catched the man, who arrived to deliver dead rat. The man lied Tejo ordered it. Fateh decided to confront Tejo, but changed his mind recalling Biji’s health condition. Biji called Fateh’s friends home and asks Jasmine to prepare snacks for them. Jasmine cooks tasteless pakode which Fateh’s friends don’t like.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will see Buzzo hugging and consoling Tejo. Fateh will get furious and will drag Buzzo in front of the family and will shout at Tejo asking to say the truth. Just then simran will come and say that she will tell the truth. Everyone will look shocked at her.

How family will react after knowing Simran’s truth? Will Tejo accept Fateh when he will realize his mistake?

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