Udaariyaan: Fateh to apply for job in Canada?


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Colors twisted tale of Fateh, Tejo and Jasmine, Udaariyaan isgrabbing viewers attention with its unique concept. The story is moving towards a lot of twists and turns. Here, last viewers watched that Fateh decided and promised Jasmine that he will take her to Canada. Other side, Jazz is ready to rob Sandhu’s and break Tejo’s heart just like he did with his other targets.  Now it will be worth to watch how and who will save Tejo from Jazz’s trap.

In the last episode, Jasmine got to know that Fateh is her imported lover. Fateh promised her that he will take her to Canada. Jasmine mocked him initially but seeing Fateh’s confidence she challenged him to get Canada Job appointment letter soon. Other side Satti was seen tensed thinking how will she get Tejo married without money.

Jazz continuously lied to Tejo so that she remains trapped. He even lied about Tejo and Jasmine’s paperwork for Canada making Jasmine happy. Both Jazz and his mother left with 16-17 lakhs gold and money from Sandhu’s. They discussed to soon fool and run away from Sandhu’s before their previous target Neetu and her family catch them.

In the upcoming episode, Jasmine will tell Tejo that Fateh proposed her. Tejo will reach Fateh sand tell him that Jasmine is not in his fate. He will tell Tejo that nobody can separate him from Jasmine, not even she. Fateh may also be seen applying for job in Canada.

Is Simran behind Fateh’s this decision of shifting to Canada with Jasmine? Will Fateh really break his family’s heart for Jasmine? How will Sandhu’s arrange money for Tejo’s marriage? Will Jazz get exposed before runs away with Sandhu’s wealth?

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