Udaariyaan: Fateh to ask divorce from Tejo?

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Colors’ popular show is gearing up for more drama in the upcoming episode with Fateh taking shocking decision.

In the previous episode it was seen that Tejo decided to stay at Virk’s house. Kushbeer asked Tejo to stay in her and Fateh’s room. Fateh told Kushbeer that bringing back Tejo isn’t a solution, he loves Jasmine and can’t accept Tejo as his wife. Kushbeer said that Tejo has come here as his daughter and he and Jasmine can leave the house if they have any problem. Jasmine argued with Tejo stating that Fateh belongs to her, so obviously his room and house belong to her too. Tejo gave her a befitting reply which raged Jasmine. Fateh forcibly took Jasmine from there. Jasmine argued with Fateh saying that she has rights to stay on that room, not Tejo. Fateh calmed her saying that Tejo won’t stay here for long and they will also leave once they will get visa for Canada. Fateh went to his room to get his night clothes. He got hurt while searching for the clothes, so Tejo gave him his clothes. Jasmine got angry and decided to shift Fateh’s belongings to the guestroom.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Fateh will ask Tejo that if she has come here for Biji then why she’s messing with Jasmine and making Jasmine feel that she (Tejo) has only rights on him. Tejo will say that there’s no place for a liar and a cheater in her life. No one would want to see again the same nightmare. Later Fateh will come to Tejo with divorce papers and will ask her to sign on it if she meant whatever she said. Kushbeer and everyone will look shocked.

What will be Tejo’s decision? Will she sign the divorce papers?

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